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    I'm in San Antoino for a training class..and made a point today to go to a COR store to check out a Lumia 900.

    All I can say is WOW !!!! Not only was the device beautiful and felt wonderful in the hand .. but it made my Focus seem.. well..... mediocre... I dont have LTE where I live.. but being in San Antonio I had a chance to compare.. Definitely faster than 3g... and it probably made the device even more smoother..

    As to the AT&T employees ... Totally IMPRESSED with them ! There were... 4 people working in this particular store.. and the first to greet me was pleasant and eager... He ask what he could help me with.. he was both busy as were all other three reps...

    I asked if it would be possible to check out a Nokia 900.. He grinned big.. looked around and said YES ! I have one as do the rest of the reps ! He pulled his 900 out.. and the battery was dead :(

    He said.. he forgot to charge it over night (it was 6pm fwiw) and immediately told me.. you'll be amazed how long that battery will last ! Then his manager came over and he grinned and told him.. He wants to see the Nokia .. His manager grinned and said.. this phone is COOL ! They both agreed that they had no idea of all the things it could do .. until the "NOKIA" reps came and trained them and showed them all the convenient ways to use and configure it..

    We talked for a while.. and I showed them a few things on the phone.. they were both excited about not just the phone but Xbox, Zune and Office.. The manager asked me alot about how I liked zune.. and zune pass.. and how it can be used with Xbox for music videos.. He also mentioned that on limitation was it only had 16 gig of storage. which I quipped.. "uh dude.. you have LTE and skydrive gives you 25gig free" which he looked surprised and said really ? LOL I told him.. get the skydrive app :)

    I also showed him One Note to make check box lists.. he immediately said.. how nice is that.. for grocery shopping .. :)

    Anyway.. I dunno what it means.. but I was pleasantly surprised with how they responded to the phone.. and they both admitted they had no idea it was so good and easy to use.. (WP7) :)

    My .02

    I will be picking one up next week.. Oh.. as to the device..

    I hardly noticed the slight edge around the display.. weight also was not really out of proportion.. I fell it was about the same as my Focus with a cover on it.. The camera definitely needs white balance adjustments but being a bit of a photo-G if I want a good photo.. I'll use a real camera..

    I noticed no issue with scrolling or repsonsiveness.. in fact it was MUCH more responsive than my Focus.. and loaded apps significantly faster as well..

    I did forget to check out the FFC .. but I doubt I'll use that much anyway :)
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    04-05-2012 10:53 PM
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    Oh ! I would.. add.. I stopped at an authorized retailer before I went to the COR store ... and the sale person said.. Sorry no phones. but we already have posters and t-shirts and other stuff.. so we should have the phones next week..

    Doh.. just saw a big blurb on Bloomberg TV talking about MS/Nokia/ATT Lumia 900 ..

    COOL !
    04-05-2012 11:07 PM
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    Glad to hear you and the rest of your cohorts like the Lumia. I hope Nokia and Microsoft make some head way with this and become at least 15 percent of the market share. I'm excited to be getting my lumia tomorrow.

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    04-05-2012 11:09 PM