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    Sick and tired of hearing about how WP devices simply aren't "up there" because we don't come with a gazillion cores, even though WP is just as slick, if not more, as their overpowered nuclear reactors. Glad to see someone else is just as exasperated with this ridiculous dogma.

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    04-06-2012 09:19 AM
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    I agree to a certain extent. I think the one thing that he leaves out is being appropriately educated on longevity or upgradeablility. I think back in 2000whatever when plasmas and LCDs started coming out, you could have bought a beautiful tube tv...Not sure that it would have been the greatest purchase even though it looks great...for about a couple years.

    While I anxiously await my Lumia 900 to arrive today and prepare to send away my iPhone 3GS, my hope is that the Lumia will receive all the upgrades like my iphone did but be able to handle them without flaw, lag or whatever in the end. The Lumia might not be the greatest phone on the market, but it's an upgrade in every fashion from my previous phone. I don't need a quad core...I just need great operation for the next 2 years...or more.
    04-06-2012 10:00 AM
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    Thanks for linking that post ryouzaki. I used to be under the spell of specs mean everything until I noticed a comment by some guy on a post about three or so years ago talking about how optimization is what will matter. At first I didn't believe him, but after first seeing WP7 I saw how foolish I was.

    Will specs still win out. Sure, but that's typically on specific tasks. The other thing that I think people should note (kind of ranting here) is that they should remember with what kind of device they're dealing with. It's a phone. A mobile device who's primary purpose is supposed to be on communication. Combine this with the fact that battery technology isn't even up to snuff with the power demands of certain SoCs....

    It just seems so funny to me that the primary concern is how graphically capable the phone is when the primary concern should be that at the end of the day does one still have enough battery to make an emergency call if her life depended on it.
    04-06-2012 06:57 PM
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    WP is a living proof of OS that runs smoother than devices with way higher end SoC.

    I think in the end Windows Phone will be on feature parity with iOS and Android or at best surprass them.
    It's good to remember afterall that these higher end SoC's will also make things possible, like 1080 HDMI out or 1080 video recording. Nokia could not for example get PureView camera module to Windows Phone Mango. Also many of the new SoC's are able to save battery life or keep it at same when the speed still increases as scale of the chip gets smaller and smaller.

    That said i rather see WP doing it the iOS way so that software is fully optimized for the hardware. Not the Android way.
    04-06-2012 07:09 PM