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    So, first I'll get the bad out of the way. I ordered a Cyan 900 online on the 9th and got an email saying it would ship on the 10th, since today is the 11th and my order still says shipping on the 10th (but order has not shipped) I called in and was told that it is now backordered.

    So, I got on the phone and called up the local AT&T corporate store and was told that had several 900s in stock in both Cyan and Black, and that there was currently no wait to see a representative.

    5 minutes later I arrive at the store and there is 1 person ahead of me on the queue (3 people there total though) - yet I wait for 45 minutes to get any help. I am then told that they do not have the Cyan and do not know when they will get any more. So, being that I was told they had lots of them in stock I was not happy but didn't take it out on the sales person as I know it wasn't their fault (the person on the phone was a female and they were not).

    Now, the good. While I was waiting I got to watch the person who arrived there before me being sold a Lumia 900. They were unhappy with their Sprint service and were going to pay $300 to cancel their Sprint contract and come to AT&T and didn't know what kind of phone they wanted. The sales person then pulled out his Lumia and proceeded to go through the benefits, namely the facebook integration. The person was very impressed and eventually purchased one despite still being on contract with Sprint. The sales person didn't once try to talk them into an Android or iPhone instead. The representative I got; however, stated they liked their iPhone better (he was an obvious Apple fanboy) but said they were coming around to liking the 900 okay.

    I upgraded to the family unlimited texting yesterday and since then neither myself or my wife have been able to send or receive texts. They got that fixed so at least the hour I took off work to go pick one up wasn't a total loss I guess.

    The store itself looked like a Nokia store. Advertisments for the lumia covered the entire perimeter of the store and they had several floor stands advertising it also. I forgot to look to see what the banners in the window were. That said, when I called the store the phone answer message you get before being able to speak with someone talks about how great the iPhone 4 is and how much better it works on AT&T with no mention of the Lumia.

    Attached are some pictures of the store interior I took while waiting:
    04-11-2012 04:47 PM
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    How do you embed an image directly into the post instead of attaching it?
    04-11-2012 04:52 PM
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    How do you embed an image directly into the post instead of attaching it?
    I use photobucket to host my pics and then use their link to display them.
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    04-11-2012 05:19 PM
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    That's unfortunate, Evil Robot.

    In the Edmond Corporate store on Memorial Rd (77 down to memorial then shoot west)(OKC, so a little ways away from you) I walked in late in the afternoon on Monday and they had plenty of both colors. Everyone was super nice too.

    I saw several Lumia's "in the wild" with employees and even a Titan II. The guy that helped me was an Android guy, and we chatted a bit about Android (I was turning in a Skyrocket to get a 900) and first thing he said was "yeah, Android's not for everyone" which I agreed. So it was a really cool conversation. I think some of the fanboys forget that what works for one doesn't work for each.

    They got me hooked up and even waived the "return" fee when you swap a device during your first 30 days.

    And yeah, I dropped Sprint to go to AT&T after 10 years, so I can totally understand the need/want to switch regardless. I had massive data issues with them and they let me out of my contract, but I was ready to pay the ETF if that's what it too, which is a shame after that long. I can understand ETFs if you've been a customer less than say... 2 years, but 10? Oh well...
    04-11-2012 08:44 PM