1. FrankieA's Avatar
    Anyone else notice their Lumia 900 producing very soft sound effects?

    This is pretty hard to explain, but I have two Windows Phones side by side (HTC Titan and Lumia 900).
    1. If you play a song from the Music hub, and set volume on both device to say 10 - they volume on both phones are roughly the same.
    2. Now if you switch to Email/Messaging, and try to type a message, the "tap" noise from the keyboard presses is significantly louder on my HTC Titan than my Lumia 900.

    Is this normal? Does everyone else have this issue? Did Nokia purposely lower volume for sounds effects? Personally I don't really care about the keyboard volume, but it seems to affect other parts of the operating system.

    For example, when I play Fruit Ninja - I can barely even hear my sword slices/fruit exploding sound effects! But on my Titan - the sword slices/fruit explosions are really loud (about the same loudness as the background music).

    Defective or normal?
    04-12-2012 04:17 AM
  2. XboxOmac's Avatar
    I don't notice it. At least not me. May want to wait for other people to post, but for me, it seems fine.
    04-12-2012 01:27 PM
  3. Verkunder's Avatar
    System sounds out of both the speaker and headphone jack are a little quiet. Media is loud out of the speakers, but not the headphone jack. Frustrating having to turn it up and down all the time.
    04-12-2012 01:49 PM
  4. camaroguy's Avatar
    I have noticed the same thing about keyboard and OS sounds. Its quieter than my trophy was, while the media sounds are actually louder than my Trophy was. Weird.
    04-12-2012 02:00 PM
  5. wizll's Avatar
    i also agree that the sound effects are not as loud as my HTC arrive at the same volume level.
    04-12-2012 02:59 PM
  6. mdelacoma's Avatar
    I don't play games so I can't comment on those sounds. But I noticed when I first got the phone that the sound it makes when you power off was not as loud as my Focus.

    Today I cut my grass and used the phone w/ headphones to listen to Tune In. With my Focus I could clearly hear the music great. But the 900 was extremely weak even on 30. Very disappointing

    However, the phones speaker on the bottom is booming. I really like that
    04-12-2012 09:53 PM
  7. Verkunder's Avatar
    Hoping one of the Nokia surveys asks about the device. Definitely bringing this up.
    04-12-2012 11:24 PM
  8. Gaiking's Avatar
    I noticed that too...at first I didn't like the soft system sound effects...I found them much too low,but after using the phone for a few days I now prefer the softer sound. ....My HTC Surround now sounds too loud ....even when turned way down.
    04-12-2012 11:27 PM
  9. FrankieA's Avatar
    Interesting. So at least some people agree with me that it's a lot softer sounding than other devices.

    I kinda having the keyboard sound softer but definitely don't like how it's interfering with my games.
    04-13-2012 03:21 AM