1. jcar302's Avatar
    Since none of the headsets from my n900 work properly with my lumia, i'll need some new ones.
    I like having a wired headset in each of the cars i drive.

    The n900 headsets require me to press on the pin to make sound loud enough to hear.
    On her L900, the crappy samsung rogue headsets i got her for her last phone work fine.
    Work fine on my phone too.

    I prefer to stay brand inclusive, but if i have to go outside the box i will.

    Not buying 4 sets of purity ear phones.

    I also like the ones that go in the ear like a standard earphone, not the kind with the squishy things, those feel like they are always going to fall out of my ears.

    04-16-2012 08:23 AM