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    PLEASE HELP - - -Is anyone else experiencing these display problems? &/or have possible solution(s)??

    The over the air update seems to have completely cured my data connectivity problems : - } General Speed & Sound Quality are EXCELLENT : - }}}

    BUT my unstable display problems persist and are driving me nuts - Considering a return.

    (I) In Internet Explorer all pages seem to default to a really tiny type - Absolutly unreadable.

    While the type can be enlarged with a 2 finger spread, the increase is very jerky / uncontrolable, and worse yet, moves / recenters the display unpredictibly. Then, with any movement of the phone (even without finger touches on the screen) it resizes, usually reverting back to tiny. Changing the page also resets to unreadable / tiny, and recenters it. So the problem is the web pages are not readable, and any luck in getting it re-sized is almost immediately defeated.

    Another aspect of the problem is that with any faint or slight movement, the display page rotates almost at random between portrait & landscape. This also messes up zooming, etc. as mentioned above . . .

    This problem also makes it impossible to use the phone to read a newspaper (such as NYTimes.com) because the dynamic resizing does not allow me to easily scan parts of the page to get where I want, and then achieve / maintain adequate zooming to get the whole "column" visible at once.

    (ON A SIDE QUESTION - - - Has anyone found an alternative browser, such as opera mini, which works on the N L 900? Opera Mini was very adequate on the old WM 6.5 Tilt 2)

    (II) in Microsoft Excel, a similar problem occurs with viewing & editing spreadsheets. But in Excel the random rotate problem is much more severe. Another aspect is that the zooming / sizing of the spreadsheet page is not stable when moving / panning from one part of the sheet to another.

    Together these drive me nuts. Any ideas as to a systemic solution, or do you guys think it is just a fluke of some bad hardware??

    Comments appreciated
    04-20-2012 05:19 PM

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