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    I am currently unable to buy apps or try apps on the Marketplace. I have been given two different error messages. One has the error code c101a249 and the other is c101abb9. I looked up the latter and said that I was streaming music over zune on another device. I am not actually streaming anything from zune and my only device compatible with zune is my Lumia 900. I tried turning off wifi but that didn't work either. Could anyone please try to help?

    When I logged in to my xbox account on I got a "You've found a glitch in the system" notification. I don't know how serious that statement is, but it can't be good.

    I logged in to xbox, got that notification and can no longer go back on their website (get another error that looks real bad). I haven't downloaded anything wrong or anything on my device or over xbox...what's going on?
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    04-21-2012 08:15 PM
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    Update: Now all is well...that was weird. I can get on to, I can download apps. Everything is back to normal.
    04-21-2012 08:36 PM