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    ANybody else have this problem? I tried to search and couldnt find anything.

    this was my 2nd Cyan phone. the first one got returned for a bad screen creak in the bottom right (and because of the rattle). over the past week it had felt like the power button was sinking ever so slowly into the body. At first i thought it was my imagination, but then i noticed the camera button was nearly flush with the body. Half the time you couldnt press it far enough down to snap a pic.

    But, they swapped it out no problem since im under the 30 days. I decided to get a white one this time, because at this point i was annoyed with the cyan ones, and man, those white ones just look and feel nice. we'll see how it goes.

    PLUS... the awesome dude at the store snagged me a cyan nokia gelcase (not a bumper) because he knew id wanted one. (I had one ordered for 3 weeks but apparently they are nowhere to be found). i nokia rep was in the store and gave him a few when he asked about them. Has anyone else found the cyan gelcase? i have no idea why they arent selling these. all my stores have black and magenta ones.

    it looks pretty nice on the phone, almost just like a cyan phone. theres a TINY strip og white you can see around the bezel but im getting used to it. i can post a pic if you want....
    04-27-2012 10:11 PM