1. stuffwelike's Avatar
    I've recorded several videos around 3-5 minutes in length with the front facing camera and the video/audio goes out of sync as the video progresses when I try to edit them in Premiere Pro CS5. It doesn't appear to be out of sync on the phone nor in the Zune player on my computer. It appears that it's when I transfer the videos onto my computer and edit them in Premiere Pro CS5. Again it starts off in sync and then towards the end the video/audio is out of sync.

    How can I fix this?
    04-30-2012 03:03 PM
  2. EddyKilowatt's Avatar
    Some kind of incompatibility between the camera video format and Premiere. I'd suggest examining one of the video files with a metadata inspector such as MediaInfo (MediaInfo) or GSpot, and then repeating your question in a Premiere user support forum.

    And just to show there's balance in the world... I had the identical problem with video shot by my iPhone, and Premiere Elements. Something about the iPhone using Variable Frame Rate... I never did get to the bottom of it. And haven't tried editing any L900 video yet!
    04-30-2012 05:30 PM