1. techygeek82's Avatar
    Anyone have their Nokia Apps just 'vanish' today out of the blue from Marketplace? I noticed this morning that it was gone and just wanted to ask if anyone else had it happen today as well.

    Just curious...
    05-08-2012 10:24 PM
  2. VineRider's Avatar
    still there for me
    05-08-2012 10:27 PM
  3. nokiaqueen's Avatar
    mine are there also..reboot your phone and see
    05-08-2012 10:29 PM
  4. techygeek82's Avatar
    I've rebooted a couple times. Don't want to reset the phone so going to wait and see what happens the next couple days. Hasn't been anything new lately anyway...

    05-08-2012 10:35 PM
  5. ninjaap's Avatar
    Is the ATT Featured missing too? You probably just need to give it sometime.
    05-08-2012 11:25 PM
  6. techygeek82's Avatar
    Yeah. The ATT apps are still featured. I'll 'sleep on it'. :)
    05-08-2012 11:59 PM
  7. shawn in space's Avatar
    Go to the Xbox Hub. Should make the Nokia collection come back.
    05-09-2012 03:57 AM
  8. queritor's Avatar
    Yep, mine's gone too. My AT&T collection disappeared a few days ago, and this morning, the Nokia collection is also AWOL.

    I'm using a Lumia 800, but my AT&T plan is provisioned for the 900. Maybe I'll try moving the SIM back to the 900 for a few hours and see what happens.
    05-09-2012 10:00 AM
  9. techygeek82's Avatar
    I tried the Xbox Hub trick and still no Nokia Collection. I'll go post out on Nokia's discussion board and see if a Moderator can assist. Thanks all for your thoughts.
    05-09-2012 10:38 AM
  10. ShrewdGeek's Avatar
    I also noticed this morning that my "Nokia Collection" is missing from the marketplace. I'm glad on the one hand that I'm not the only one but that it happens for some and not others is troubling.
    05-09-2012 03:23 PM
  11. sting7k's Avatar
    Nokia collection has been missing since some time yesterday on my Lumia as well.
    05-09-2012 05:41 PM
  12. techygeek82's Avatar
    I'm chatting (DM Tweets) with Nokia at random intervals. I'll see what we come up with...
    05-09-2012 06:03 PM
  13. queritor's Avatar
    I put my SIM back in the 900 and both the ATT & Nokia Colections showed up.
    I then moved the SIM back to the 800, but they're still not showing up.
    05-09-2012 06:26 PM
  14. daguila29's Avatar
    Same here its been two days since my Nokia Collections Magically disappeared :(

    I don't really "NEED" it but for some reason it just bothers me not to have it!
    05-09-2012 10:27 PM
  15. sting7k's Avatar
    Same here its been two days since my Nokia Collections Magically disappeared :(

    I don't really "NEED" it but for some reason it just bothers me not to have it!
    Same here, I'm not hurting without it at the moment. However I noticed it was gone and hope it comes back soon. Maybe they are doing something because of the impending release of a bunch of exclusive apps?
    05-10-2012 10:18 AM
  16. Rob41664's Avatar
    Add me to the list of the Nokia Collection disappearing. Mine went missing on Tuesday evening.
    05-10-2012 10:32 AM
  17. hellomiggy's Avatar
    Add me to the list with the AT&T Apps missing.
    05-12-2012 03:15 PM
  18. textomatic's Avatar
    Mine is missing too.

    Sent from my Lumia 900 using Board Express
    05-13-2012 12:24 PM
  19. techygeek82's Avatar
    I have been in contact with Nokia and they said they were looking in to the issue. Obviously a master reset will bring the official Nokia Collection back to Marketplace. With news that Nokia has branded the Marketplace differently on Tango, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I'm not too worried about it since I can still search for Nokia Corporation and get their list of apps that way.

    I will report back if I hear anything more from them.
    05-13-2012 06:28 PM
  20. jimski's Avatar
    Nokia Collection missing. AT&T Apps still there.

    Sent from my Lumia 900 using Board Express Pro
    05-13-2012 07:21 PM
  21. Fleon's Avatar
    Now mine are gone, and searching for "Nokia Collection" doesn't show anything.

    I hate to say it, but with the problems with the Titan's wifi problems, the Office Hub screwing up, and now this... I'm leaning toward an iPhone as replacement.
    07-09-2012 03:47 AM
  22. Sasparilla's Avatar
    Had this issue with my 900 after an update. Didn't show up in Marketplace and nothing in searches.

    So I found this on the Nokia forums, they told the user to open the Xbox Live app and wait until it finishes "updating" and you can actually see your avatar (swipe to right). Then you should see Nokia Collection on the 1at page of Marketplace.

    This worked for me. After going letting Xbox Live load and looked at the avatar I went back to Marketplace and there it is right under AT&T Featured (for me) and above "apps". I'm on AT&T in the U.S..

    Frankly they have such a nice selection of extras I was blown away.
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    09-27-2012 03:32 PM
  23. Arsh Kumar's Avatar
    Thanks man it works
    08-25-2014 08:17 AM