1. bellyer1's Avatar
    My wife and I are both bringing our Lumia 900s with us on a 3 week trip to Australia in a couple of months. We would like to be able to swap the SIM out for a cheaper pre-paid option while in Australia, so that we don't have to pay the high international roaming voice and data rates that AT&T would charge us. My understanding is that, in order to be able to swap out and use a prepaid SIM card while we are in Australia, our phones would need to be unlocked.

    Does anyone know if AT&T would be willing to help us out with this request or if there is any other way to get the phone to be able to accept a prepaid SIM card for our trip overseas?

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
    05-11-2012 08:43 AM
  2. tenoclock's Avatar
    not sure if you got your answer already, but the best way is to call and find out.

    I travel to Asia quite often and usually stay there for 2+ months so I call AT&T pretty much every time I upgrade my phone. For me the trick is to tell them that you will be oversea for a while and financially it doesn't make sense to pay for roaming for that long. Though it depends on their exclusivity policy for the phone you are calling about. I am not sure about Lumia 900 as I haven't had need for it to be unlocked yet.
    05-18-2012 03:57 AM