06-06-2012 09:56 AM
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  1. Jakoh's Avatar
    Yea the border that surrounds the glass screen. It looks plastic and it damages like plastic. It was a bad call for Nokia to get rid of the curved glass like they have on the Lumia 800.
    you get what you pay for, except when you buy an apple then you get half of what you pay for.
    why dont you shell out the big bucks for a l800 or n9? i paid 600 for my n9, its the.
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    05-21-2012 03:27 AM
  2. hasasimo's Avatar
    Funny I read this thread on the first day I ever noticed a flaw on my L900. There's a very slight dent on the rim, one that you'd never notice unless you owned the phone and looked very closely.

    I have no idea where this could have come from, as the only drop I've had was on a carpeted surface (whew). However, it is a bit disappointing that the rim wasn't made of the same high-grade polycarbonate that the housing case was.
    05-22-2012 06:22 PM
  3. leosoybean's Avatar
    I saw this happening on my L900 as well! It's a shame but anyway it's only noticeable to me. Most people just stare at the screen :).
    06-06-2012 09:23 AM
  4. jimski's Avatar
    No dents or scratches after nearly two months. Yes, I case my phone and don't fling it around the room regularly. But maybe that's just me.

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    06-06-2012 09:56 AM
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