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    I'm considering canceling my ATT service with my Lumia 900 and signing up for StraightTalk ( Welcome To Straight Talk )

    Even with paying the ETF fee on ATT it looks like It will still be cheaper then if I had bought the 900 off contract and I should recover the ETF fee with the savings I'll get from switching to a cheaper plan in about 6 months.

    I can't see a reason to not do this. My questions are...
    - Is the lumia 900 "unlocked" can I use it on StraightTalk if I just swap the sim?
    -Does anyone else use a plan like this? How are they?

    05-21-2012 07:00 AM
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    There's a few AT&T network resellers that have been discussed here. H20 comes to mind. Most people seem happy with them.

    The only negatives I recall is not being able to setup MMS and having your account closed (and losing your phone number) if you go over 2GB of data. I am not sure if that included Straight Talk.
    05-21-2012 07:26 AM
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    You do not need to unlock your phone

    Just make sure to Order the Net10 or StraightTalk AT&T Sim then it will work without having the need to unlock the phone which is not possible yet from my understanding.

    Not sure if 900 has a app which will let you edit your apn data but that may be needed has well in order to get things like MMS and data working correctly.

    2gb data limit from what I have read but still a debate about this on howard forums. But 2gb seems to be the limit.

    No LTE with ST, only HSPA and below..

    Read this has well

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    05-21-2012 07:54 AM
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    05-21-2012 10:21 AM
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    I'm using Red Pocket, another MVNO using AT&T's network, and very satisfied. As mentioned, the only problem is you can't use MMS since the WP 7.5 operating system doesn't allow you to edit your MMS APN and because Nokia inexplicably took its Network Setup app off the market and hasn't put it back.
    05-21-2012 11:13 AM
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    og good to know guys!

    Data limit, no lte, and no MMS may be a deal breaker for me. Even with the potential savings.
    05-21-2012 05:54 PM
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    og good to know guys!

    Data limit, no lte, and no MMS may be a deal breaker for me. Even with the potential savings.
    data limit is still going to apply no matter what carrier you use. 3gb / 5gb with AT&T, 2 gb with red pocket or net10/straighttalk. All carrier at this point have it.

    LTE is only in certain areas at this Time, But, is twice or 3 times has fast has 3g or HSPA. So if really need LTE speeds and bandwidth then stick with AT&T.

    I am happy with 3g speeds. Wifi at home or friends house or work rest of time.

    HSPA or even 3g at Time's can be fast but that is dependent on your location, amount of people using towers and reception. I get anywhere from 1mb to 4mb depending on where I am at in my city.

    The MMS issue is a just not problem only on windows phone and apps that allow you edit the apn data, but also some android and iphone have the problem has well. They can't edit or change apn data manually.

    Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash and maybe Focus 2 do have a app where we can edit the apn data itself - internet, mmsc, settings manually which makes them easy to setup and use for net10/st byod program. I lucked out when I got my phone and got a flash and found the correcting setting over on Howard Forums Straight Talk forum.

    HTC did have an app but mms is still not working,

    Nokia pulled their app if I am correct. And without those app having features like Samsung App does you can't get mms working or some of other windows phone features working, - bing maps, tellme, etc..

    So email nokia and ask for them to release their Network App once again so you can save money via ST.

    else Stay with AT&T and it offering of LTE, upgrades after so many years etc, perks of contract's which is a plus but pay the price.
    05-21-2012 06:49 PM