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    I am currently on Verizon with an HTC Trophy but yesterday I decided to stop in an AT&T store to check out the Lumia 900. All I can say is that the phone felt amazing. My friend has an iPhone 4S and I thought that the Lumia made the iPhone feel cheap. I knew I wasn't going to purchase the phone when I walked into the store but after playing around with it it has haunted my dreams. My contract on Verizon has been up for months now and I know they won't have any WP devices out till the holidays if at all. I currently have unlimited data and know that Verizon will have canned it by time the holidays are here so I see no advantage to staying on Verizon anymore. The one thing that is holding me back is WP8 devices. I don't think I can justify buying this phone now and then phones with better screens and processors come out 6 months later. Then again I could always buy the phone now and then sell it later on to get a newer one. Damn you Lumia you evil temptress!

    I also wanted to share that the AT&T rep that was helping me seemed to very knowledgable about the Lumia and was able to tell me pretty much everything about the phone which surprised me.
    05-25-2012 12:55 PM
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    Do it, man. People hound me because I'm always getting a new phone, but like you say, you can always sell your current device and bump up.
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    05-25-2012 01:39 PM
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    Hey....don't give up that grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan just yet.

    A couple of factors to think about

    1. You are out of contract...thus obviously available for a upgrade with Verizon (that upgrade alone is worth at least $250 in the open market and maybe a $300). People do not want to pay $400-500 for a used iPhone 4S (the highest resell value) with the risk of a bad ESN.

    2. Verizon lets you do a "transfer of responsibility" to another customer. That customer gets to inherit your pre-existing unlimited data plan.

    3. Verizon does not AUDIT LTE sim switching. Why is this important. One device: Verizon LTE iPad. Some people like me choose to use the microSIM from my Verizon LTE phone in my Verizon LTE ipad exclusively. Since Verizon does not audit LTE devices (doesn't matter if it's a tablet like an iPad). You are literally switch from LTE phone to LTE tablet without being audited.

    This is by design. Because of FCC regulations and the deal Verizon struck to get the spectrum. Verizon cannot disable your data if you switch from ANY LTE device, including tablet to phone or phone to table.

    Most importantly. Verizon does not throttle LTE data (yet).

    Post your ad on craigslist. Tell people you are out of contract and eligible for an upgrade and have unlimited data.

    People will pay you $200-300 easily for your account.

    There is still a market for this. Unlimited data may become even more valuable to tablet users. Remember people pay full price for tablets. So most will not care about using any further upgrades. Verizon will still let you keep unlimited data IF you pay full price. Duh. If I am going to be using the LTE microSIM from a phone device in my LTE iPad with Verizon than I would be paying full price anyways.

    Verizon LTE iPad also functions as it's own hotspot free of charge from Verzion. So someone paying you $200-300 basically can replace their home internet.

    There is one MAJOR drawback of selling your account. You lose your phone number. So if your phone number is important, don't do it.

    But otherwise, you account and unlimited data is still worth quite a bit of money especially since you have unlimited data PLUS eligible for an upgrade immediately.

    Your type of account has gone for as high as $500 on eBay.
    05-26-2012 06:26 AM