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    Phone Type: White Nokia Lumia 900


    I noticed that when I go to the pandora website (not using the app) and I try to play music on that site, the music plays but the volume is extremely low, like 1/30. This occurs even if i have the pandora's site volume slider all the way to 100% and the phone volume at 30/30.

    However, if I go to the music on my zune app on the phone, the music there plays completely fine at regular volume levels.

    Why is the volume terribly low only on the pandora site?

    1) I tried adjusting the volume, no change. What happens is that at max volume I can barely hear the music while on pandora, and if i turn the volume down then I don't hear anything

    2) I tried with and without headphones, it made no difference, still really quiet on pandora and normal on zune.

    3) It is updated with the most recent software, and has been treated gently.

    4) Other websites work just fine.

    Does the pandora site purposefully mute the volume on their site if you are using a smart phone and not using their app that you have to pay for? This was my final guess, if so then I'll just switch to another music streaming provider.

    Thanks for your time and attention.
    05-30-2012 01:45 PM
  2. Verkunder's Avatar
    I think I tried HTML5 streaming way back when it was updated, and had the same problem. I think it's just the nature of the beast. Go download MetroRadio, you'll help yourself out.
    05-30-2012 07:00 PM