1. mattdchambers's Avatar
    So I have slippery fingers...well more accurately I'm just clumsy.

    I've dropped my Lumia from serveral heights on several surfaces from couch to concrete.

    It's landed facedown, face up and hit at odd angles.

    And yet all I have is two minor dings in the plastic.

    Kudos to Nokia for building at least a semi-durable phone. I always felt my old iPhone or Android phones would crack if I sneezed hard enough. I'm pretty sure I could step on the Lumia and it'd survive.
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    06-08-2012 03:34 PM
  2. andyl66's Avatar
    Have you seen the drop tests on YouTube? The lumia is amazingly well built.

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    06-08-2012 05:30 PM
  3. ninjaap's Avatar
    Or the hammer test?
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    06-08-2012 05:49 PM