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    First off, you regulars know how much I enjoy my Lumia, so don't think this is a negative post at all. It's just an observation (limitation) that I found over time and I figured out how to resolve it. Someone may have mentioned it already, but I've seen it happen across other phones on other OS'es when I had to work with people on supporting their issues.

    Anyways, I woke up to my phone freezing, not wanting to pull up pages or play videos and became very difficult to reboot or turn off/on. It drove me nuts for a few days and then I went back into tech support mode like every good techie should to figure out what was going on.

    Well, I downloaded a bunch of songs from the Marketplace using the download option that Zune offers. I checked my storage and realized I had gotten down to around 577MB of remaining space. I've seen on other phones, including iPhones, where if you don't have enough free space, your phone will start to experience issues.

    Basically, all I did was eliminate files that I didn't need, erased some pictures/videos (after uploading to SkyDrive of course), and BAM, freed up to 2.3GB of free space. Phone runs like it's brand new.

    I'm sure someone has posted this before, but it's always a helpful reminder to be mindful of free space on your devices. This can definitely contribute to various issues.

    And yes, I still LOVE my phone and will be more than pleased to receive the 7.8 update (seeing how that's what almost every post is about these days and what keeps me as just reading ;) ).
    06-28-2012 06:17 PM