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    it has been a while and I got enough experience with this issue: what it happens is my Lumia 900 starts to be hot and quite slow, while battery drains very fast. this behaviour happens during a cellular data connection, not wi-fi, but if I connect to wi-fi during it, the issue remains. the only way to revert to a normal situation is to reset the device (by pushing the power button for some seconds), and the "bye" string lasts for more than 30 seconds before to switch off.

    during the "hot and drain" condition, I can browse the internet through IE, but I cannot use maps (both Nokia and Bing) and the email accounts are stuck on "synchronizing".

    this behaviour happens frequently, very annoying.

    Nokia Lumia 900 2175.1601.8773.12141.
    07-10-2012 02:12 AM
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    I'm not sure what the fix would be. I'm bringing my L900 to AT&T to see if they can fix mine. My stock charger stopped working, and my phone will not charge to full at all. Taking all day to even get to 50%. Then when I wake up in the AM my phone has no charge even though it's been plugged into my PC overnight. I did a hard reset suggested by a Nokia rep. But that doesn't seem to have helped.
    07-12-2012 08:53 AM
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    You are far from alone; here's another thread with several people (self included) reporting the same behavior:


    And if you search the Lumia 900 Forum for "warm" or "hot" you'll turn up a bunch of other reports.

    It definitely seems like a problem, and possibly a safety-related one. My opinion is that Nokia should fix this via update if it is a software issue, or replace hardware of people that experience it.

    I haven't asked for a replacement yet since I can't reliably reproduce the failure... even though it is still happening to me every week or two. But I might try asking sometime soon... I am guessing the value of Lumia 900 inventory has gone down and will go down further as we get closer to release of WP8.

    [edit: oops... reading thru that earlier thread, I see you also posted in it on June 22.]
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    07-12-2012 03:34 PM
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    I havent expereienced anything like that with mine in about 2 months. I have only had one hiccup when the scrfeeen became unresponsive and I held the power button down until it powered off and then back on and all was okay and normal.
    07-12-2012 04:48 PM

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