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    There have been quite a few posts here and on other forums about push notifications stopping working, suddenly.

    Mine stopped working last night, and after some research, I have some ideas about what is causing it, as I can reproduce the problem consistently.

    The issue appears to be related to the Facebook application.

    Before getting into why exactly I think its Facebook, let me describe another application I have running on my phone. Its an application I created myself that receives Live Tile updates every half hour using push notifications from my SQL Server at work. The back of the tile is updated with the time of the last update, like this:

    This morning I noticed the tile had not been updated since 17:30 (or 5:30pm the night before). I did some testing, starting with trying up update my live tile with a .Net application that pushes content to my phones HttpNotificationChannel:

    Trying to update the Live Tile this way did not work, and I received a 412 error from the Microsoft server. I know from work/testing in the past this usually means that the applications URI (the unique address used to send an application push notifications/tile updates) is no longer valid.

    I uninstalled my application and reinstalled it, and then ran it again. When the application started up, it was assigned a new URI. I know this because when the application starts it tests the notification channel state. If it does not find a valid channel/URI for the application, it creates one, and in my case adds a row to a SQL table on the server via a web service. I could see the row in the table with the new URI. I copied the new URI to my test application and I could successfully update the tile.

    The Live Tiles for my application then started flowing again normally after I updated on my server the URI that the push notifications are sent to.

    If I install Facebook again, all live tile updates stop working again.

    It looks like installing Facebook causes the other applications URIs to become invalid, thus the applications cannot be communicated with, and thus their tiles cannot be updated.

    My guess is that the Facebook application is trying to send push notifications, but the XML that is being sent is bad. From development/testing, I know that if you send a bad chunk of XML to the Microsoft server, it burns the URI for whatever reason.

    Has anyone else experienced Live Tile update problems after installing Facebook?
    07-14-2012 04:24 PM