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    Guys.. This afternoon, my Black Nokia Lumia 900 just went dead right in front of my eyes. I was browsing through an app that access the data and while trying to load the content, the screen just went black. My first thought was, probably the screen timed out before loading the content, but then it does not turn back on. I try to go to the home screen and hit the back arrow... nothing happens. I tried hold on to the power button with the hope that it will ask me to reboot. No response.

    Finally I go to my desk and try to plug into the charger... and even tried connecting to the computer hoping that Zune will be able to access the phone. It's basically BRICKED.

    Has this happened to anyone... I called AT&T and they are processing the warranty exchange... But I wanted to know if there is anything else I could try to revive the device. I don't want to go through the process of exchange if I can revive my device. I loved it and this was the first time it gave me any issues.

    Luckily I sync my device everyday to zune as I transfer TV shows that I watch in my commute.. so my pictures are backed up. The only thing I would probably be loosing are my Text messages.

    Wanted to share this and see if anyone had similar experience with our beloved NL900.
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    Try holding power button for longer... maybe 10 secs? Or press and hold the power, camera and volume buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

    Tip - How to soft-reset a Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 900 | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    The multiple-button soft reset should work on a charged phone. Plugging it in won't make much difference unless it's completely flat.

    You can also restore to factory settings by taking a slightly different button approach:
    The other way to reset a Lumia 800 or 900 is using its buttons.
    Step 1. With the phone switched off, press and hold the volume down, camera and power buttons (the only one not to press is the volume up button which is closest to the top of the handset).
    Step 2. Your phone will vibrate. Release the power button (the middle of the three) but continue to hold the other two for five seconds.
    Step 3. The smarphone will reset and will be restored to factory settings.
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    Ok... as a last attempt.. I plugged the phone to the computer again and tried held down the power button for say about 15 sec. The phone screen suddenly lighted up and went falt again. I knew there was hope.. so I tried holding down different combination of buttons along with the power button.

    BAM.. The phone vibrated and low battery logo with red juice at the bottom of the battery showed up for a split sec and the phone shut down again.

    The third time was a charm... this time, it actually booted up completely and surprisingly there is over 50% of the battery still remaining.. I am not sure what to tell you guys...

    But my phone is back to normal and working just fine with all my data intact.

    Thanks for looking at this thread.
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    Same thing happened to my Nokia Lumina 928. I tried the three button press and the phone rebooted, however, all data was intact.
    09-03-2013 10:08 PM