1. Dragon016's Avatar
    I have the following email accounts set up on my phone:
    Yahoo / Gmail / Hotmail

    With that said, I recently added Outlook as my primary email option through the linked email box, but I keep getting all of my emails twice (except Yahoo Plus).

    I have unlinked the email accounts individually, but it removes my contacts from my phone list. And I still get them twice. So what am I doing wrong? I have perused this forum for the past hour trying to figure out something, but am still clueless to my errors. Any advice to getting just one email per box, not two?

    08-30-2012 09:13 AM
  2. Dragon016's Avatar
    Okay, did some fidgeting. I removed Hotmail and linked Outlook in its place. Not only did it fix the duplicates for Hotmail (guess it was pulling my Outlook.com alias, too, twice no doubt), but the Gmail duplicates have stopped. I have no idea... but currently this problem is resolved. And there I was thinking I tried everything... :blush:
    08-30-2012 11:07 AM