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    Just thought I'd share with the board here on how Nokia's customer service has completely ruined the Windows Phone experience for me.

    On May 31st, I walked into my local Rogers store to purchase myself a brand new Nokia Lumia 900 for 600 dollars. Ready to spend my hard earned money to buy a nice sexy cyan Lumia 900, I was told that at the time Canada only had access to the black. But I thought "Hey, Nokia is a trustworthy company, I can't go wrong. Besides, it's just a colour". From the moment I got home, I bought an unlock code for my IMEI which cost me another 20 dollars (So I can use my phone with Fido since I'm under contract with them). Three hours later, I'm up and running with my brand new beautiful Nokia phone! Unfortunately until recently I was plagued with all sorts of firmware issues like Purple tints, volume buttons not responding, headphone button not responding, Internet sharing not working, etc. This made my experience awful. A family member was dying at the time so I had no time to call Nokia and send the phone in for repairs.

    I had contacted Nokia about 4 times regarding this, and not a single representative was able to tell me how on earth I can get this phone fixed. I kept getting mixed messages. One representative would tell me to bring the phone to a repair centre (And that I would have to pay, despite being under warranty), another would tell me I had to purchase a brand new phone! Another would tell me I had to fill out a form online! I didn't know what to do!!! So I said "Okay, maybe there will be a firmware update, stay patient." I waited and I waited and I waited. The firmware came out in the US, but wasn't available in Canada. So I called Nokia and they told me to ask Rogers. I called Rogers and they told me to ask Nokia. This happened about four times. I was losing my mind at this point! I tried contacting Nokia and Rogers through twitter and they kept ignoring me! I waited three months and finally the firmware update came to Canada (A month after it coming to the US). It fixed my purple tint and made the volume buttons responsive, but that's IT. All my other problems were still occurring. My touch sensitive buttons would sometimes not vibrate, the internet sharing STILL did not work, the headphone button would only sometimes work, etc. I decided to ignore this for now considering I can't deal with Nokia's representatives giving me the run around again. So during my family member's funeral, I decided to take my Lumia 900 with me so I can take some nice photos for my family.

    I put the phone somewhere to charge and I come back and literally burn my hand because the phone is so hot. I take a look and see there is a crack on the screen! After about two weeks of use, the crack gets bigger and bigger and now the phone looks like it has gone through a hurricane! I decide to call Nokia, and the representatives are sending me back and forth between them and the third party repairs centre. I ask the Repair Centre if they will fix my phone's other issues (Not the cracked screen) since the issues had been going on before hand (They can check and make sure the cracked screen doesn't affect it) and they tell me to call Nokia and ask. I call Nokia and they tell me to call the Repair Centre. Guys, a family member has just died and I can't take this anymore! Nokia is ruining my life! I can't get a straight answer out of them! Someone please help me!!

    If anyone can somehow get in contact with Stephen Elop or anyone else in charge that can give me a straight answer please forward me their contact! I'm a university student who has just lost his mother and now his brother's mother in law (Both from the same cancer. They were fighting together). I JUST WANT MY PHONE FIXED! I have student loans and can't afford to buy another phone! This is a call for help. I'm begging someone, please help me. Nokia's not helping me. The repair centre isn't helping me. Rogers and Fido aren't helping me. Back when I owned a Blackberry and iPhone I didn't go through this much hassle. I love the Windows Phone and I love Nokias, but I can't stand this anymore.

    I'm going through so much stress regarding this phone. It's only three months old and cost me 600 dollars! I feel like bursting into tears right now. I've never been treated so poorly by a company in my life. I hope to god Stephen Elop or someone at Nokia sees this and helps me. My friends tell me I should go to the media about this, or start a blog, but I don't want to start anything too big. Not unless I'm truly forced to.

    PS: The burns on my hand have healed.

    TL;DR Nokia sold me a broken phone, are giving me the run around and aren't fixing it for me. Or are they? I don't know. Am I allowed to get it fixed? What's going on? Someone help. :(
    09-06-2012 04:32 PM
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    If anyone can please give me advice! Do I go to the media? What do I do? Does anyone have Stephen Elop's contact information?
    09-06-2012 04:41 PM
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    I am sorry, but this isn't a forum for drama. Closed
    09-06-2012 04:46 PM