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    I have been having issues with the capacitive buttons on my NL 900 for some time. At first I accepted it as a software issue and lived with it. It got to the point of being very frustrating however. I was just about to return my phone to Nokia for warranty repair when I stumbled upon this post..

    Nokia Support Discussions - Re: Issue with nokia lumia 900 touch capacitive bu... - Page 11 - Nokia Support Discussions

    I really did not want to send the phone in and end up with a referb or it not being fixed so I decided to fix it myself. After removing the screen (a good video walkthrough ) I could verify that the issue was indeed related to the buttons proximity to the speaker (or some other component). When you lift the screen away from the phones body the problem goes away.

    The company I work for just so happens to sell foil with a relatively strong adhesive on the back. I cut a slim strip of the foil to size and applied it over the speakers location. Closed the phone back up and upon testing all is well. It has been 3 days now with no issues what so ever. :happy:

    As a side note I tested this type of fix with regular household aluminum foil and it worked as well. I would recommend the fix to anyone willing to give it a go. Seeing as Nokia does not use adhesive to secure the screen it is relatively easy to do.....

    Ooo someone brought doughnuts to the office.....gtg :D
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    09-28-2012 09:03 AM
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    Although I haven't had this issue yet, I always love these do-it-yourself kind of fixes and tips! It's great to see people being resourceful! :)
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    09-28-2012 01:22 PM