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    Hello, all,

    If you don't already know, my mother water damaged her L900 a few months back and picked up a new one from Robbers, ahem, Rogers.

    Anyways, she gave me her old 900 saying that if I can fix it, I can have it, so now I'm determined to bring it back to life.

    The problem that I'm having right now seems to be with the display (at least I think). When I turn it on or plug it in, it vibrates, the capacitive buttons light up, but the screen stays black. I'm thinking that it could be a loose connection between the central mobo and the display, but who knows.

    I took it into a store, and they told me that it was "too corroded" to fix (and they also damaged the phone's shell in the process of trying to open it up!), but I'm not too sure if they're right as it still does turn on, and remains on when I unplug it.

    Anyone have any advice on how to revive it, and if I can't, how much Nokia would charge to get this fixed? Also, how much do 900s sell for parts?

    10-11-2012 12:54 AM
  2. Pricop's Avatar
    I switched my display on April this year, and it costs me around 200 euros, around 135pounds I guess, but on you might be a different story, my display was still working at that time, but it was buggy, but what's about the damaged shell? They should replace it if they damage it.

    This was my screen running a calibration app, you can see how the calibration jumps off randomly, - I'm not sure why it received thumbs down though.
    10-11-2012 05:16 AM
  3. EvanKr's Avatar
    I don't personally think that the screen itself is buggy, either it's completely dead or a loose connection. I'll try to post a video to Youtube later today.

    I wouldn't bother trying to get the store to replace it, I took it in 2 months ago, and they'd just deny doing it (but to any Winnipeggers, never take your phone to the "Cellular Walk in Clinic" on Portage!).
    10-11-2012 08:56 AM
  4. wamsille's Avatar
    From experience dealing with repair centers you are typically asked if you will sign a waiver removing any liablity from the shop if the phone becomes damaged in the process of troubleshooting and repairing. This is generally their way of getting out of paying for a brand new device when the subscriber's device is out of warranty or they don't have insurance. Sprint had me sign something when I took in a Nexus S to be looked at and they had a new phone shipped overnight to the store and I picked it up two days later.

    If you don't recall or clearly remember NOT signing any waiver before the techs worked on your phone you need to call them out on it. Maybe you can get a partial credit, etc. I don't think they owe you a new phone after 60 days of not reporting it but you should at least be acknowledged and the situation addressed respectfully.

    You are probably better off buying another Lumia if you can, because after you repair the device it's going to come close to the price of a used phone.
    10-11-2012 09:07 AM
  5. HeyCori's Avatar
    Send it to Nokia. Hopefully they replace it.
    10-11-2012 09:51 AM
  6. wamsille's Avatar
    If a phone has water damage, the warranty is voided. If the phone shows signs of being tampered with, the warranty is voided. Props to anyone that can disassemble their devices and make their own repairs, but I'd rather leave the heavy lifting to the manufacturers.

    If I drop my phone from heights over 5' and it happens to land display first that is my fault, as would be the run in with a large quantity of liquid. I think in this situation the allure of having a free phone at the expense of coming up with spare parts and making the repairs on your own got the best of you. If someone came to me with a broken Galaxy S III and said it's mine if I can get it working again I'd be in the same boat as the original poster. I would try to fix it but if after quoting parts, labor and weighing my ability to make the repairs myself versus sourcing it out to a shop the expense was more than what I was willing spend I'd take a pass and just tell the person with the broken phone to sell it online for parts only.

    Then again, this is just me and not the only answer out there. 12-14 years ago I had more time to invest in projects like this. I would probably be inclined then to tell you to go ahead and try to fix the phone yourself and hopefully get it running again. I'm married now with a wife, two kids and a mortgage. I drive two hours a day commuting two and form work and in many cases I'm arriving home from the office to realize that in less than 12 hours I will be on the road again. If you are skilled enough and a fast learner you might get the Lumia working again. You would then truly own your device and probably take better care of it than most.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
    10-11-2012 11:09 AM
  7. EricandSuebee's Avatar
    You can get a like new used Lumia on ebay for around $200 with shipping, I think that's the best way.
    10-11-2012 06:03 PM
  8. EvanKr's Avatar
    I'll try to post a video describing the problem in better detail either later though or tomorrow. I'm hoping that it'll be a minor problem, and won't cost much more than ~$50 to replace.

    BTW, can anybody recommend something to get the backing off WITHOUT scuffing it?

    10-11-2012 09:13 PM
  9. EvanKr's Avatar
    Here's the video:

    10-11-2012 11:59 PM
  10. EricandSuebee's Avatar
    Someone had posted that a new Lumia from AT&T is now at $0.99, thats a bargain!
    10-12-2012 09:59 PM
  11. EvanKr's Avatar
    Sorry, but I'm Canadian. Besides, I hate the concept of signing a contract, especially a 3 year one here north of the 49th parallel.
    10-12-2012 11:23 PM