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    I've been using a Galaxy Nexus since last Google I/O when you could buy directly from Google. The advances in Jelly Bean (especially 4.2) have really impressed me. Despite all that, I would check WP Central from time to time. My Lumia 900 went in the draw once the GNex arrived. I was a little disappointed to hear about WP8 so soon after I purchased my Lumia. The fact that MS would 7.8 intrigued me, as well as the fact that Nokia is determined to have some new software make its way to current Lumia owners. I've been waiting for 7.8 for my Lumia. It was frustrating to see all these users reporting the update, yet I had nothing. I was eager to switch out my SIM. Eventually I just switched SIMs even though 7.8 is not on my phone.

    My experience has gotten better the more I used the device. Initially, I had a bunch of "This phone isn't as good as my GNex." I've come to realize that usage of the devices isn't a 1:1 translation. I've also come to love the People Hub once more. While I think Android is 4.2 is the best looking and most functional version of Android yet, there is something to be said for Metro. I am not a huge app user, but there are a few apps I really worried about. I pay for SiriusXM with the baseball package. There is no WP app, and I don't think there ever will be (based on conversation with a customer service rep). I gotta say that Nokia Music is pretty sweet, it fulfills all of my music listening needs (and without using my data connection). Still I can't the same baseball coverage, though the ESPN Hub gives me all the updates I want on a live tile. I've seen ads for the ESPN Radio app, which will get me streaming of my favorite team (I think), but won't get me all of the games like SiriusXM will.

    There are plenty of other things I wish my Lumia 900 could do, and they have probably already been talked to death in the forums. Regardless, I am not ready to go back to my GNex. I may not until my next contract. And by then, I just may go with the latest and greatest Lumia. My Lumia 900 might be "dead" and "old" or "limited" for some users. I'm finding out that there is a lot to like about this device.
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    04-22-2013 12:12 PM
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    Hi and welcome back.

    I can't offer any suggestions re the baseball apps, since I am not a baseball fan (I like basketball and football).

    I'm still using my 900, since I'm in a contract, but I'm hoping that the successor of the 920 will be available when I'm eligible to upgrade.

    I got 7.8, and I haven't had any issues with it.
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    04-22-2013 12:40 PM

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