11-10-2012 10:39 PM
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  1. sholokov's Avatar
    Would have liked if the bottom bezel was shorter, or they at least made it the same proportion as the top. One thing I hate about the iPhone is all that wasted space on the top and bottom of the phone. They could have fit the new 4" screen in the same size as the 4/4s. I like my phones with the smallest bezels possible. The L920 has a .2" smaller screen than the S3 but the size is almost exactly the same.

    Still won't stop me from buying it.

    i use a Samsung Focus which has buttons all the way to the bottom edge. This is always an issue when playing landscape games. I keep on touching the Windows or Back key. More bezel, I believe is a good thing on the bottom.
    11-03-2012 04:37 PM
  2. blacksea00's Avatar
    i miss only pokerstars application.

    You guys stuck on "invisible problems" of this phone like camera on daylight and you try to find only cons...

    With a community brainwashed by apple this phone doesn't have a chance.

    You don't even ask yourself Why reviewers write 3 pages that lumia920 its heavy and about camera its not imba in daylight... why reviewers doesn't write 3 pages about maps from iphone that sux badly... camera its 0 in rest of time , battery need to be charged 2 times/day if not more, why its like a paper coz its broken if you accidentally sit on him... and i am sure that i can find 101 reasons why you shouldn't get iphone over this.
    11-03-2012 07:10 PM
  3. sholokov's Avatar
    If you read this article. 39th point clearly says that "Cannot close music player, can only pause. Music player on lockscreen will stay until you reboot. Be careful not to touch it in a meeting."

    So its is rather annoying therefore can be considered in defect or bug list
    - so this would make a candidate for a feature you would have likes to have. Missing feature is not the same as a bug. E.g. Not having Flash is not a bug.
    11-05-2012 08:42 PM
  4. emdee814's Avatar
    The only letdown I have is that I can't change the back covers. I'm really undecided on the yellow and cyan lumia's.... It would have been so much easier if you could just change the back covers.
    11-06-2012 03:27 AM
  5. jkrc717's Avatar
    SD card slot handling 64GB or a 64GB version

    Removable covers(colors)/battery


    Neither of these things are a big deal, but would have been better.
    11-06-2012 06:41 AM
  6. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    I wanted it to shoot out rainbows :D

    And make me cups of tea :D

    oh well it still play GANGNAM STYLE :D

    11-06-2012 12:21 PM
  7. BearJammerz's Avatar
    Anyone know if (or how) we can tether with the Lumia 920?
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    11-06-2012 01:15 PM
  8. kallemia's Avatar
    No it doesn't. The curve of the 800 and N9 did not include a separate bezel. It appeared (like the HTC 8X) not to have a bezel. The curve of the glass continued as if it were a part of the polycarbonate body. Very seamless look and feel. Which the 920 does not have. The screen appears to have been plopped down on top of a bezel frame.


    No, it has the same curved style screen as the 800.
    11-10-2012 08:06 AM
  9. sabotagebx's Avatar
    my biggest let downs are

    when typing and you hit a number it does not automatically go back to the regular keyboard after hitting space.

    why does it not show my battery life in percentage, i cant tell what that tiny bar is. along these lines I want my 4g and wireless icons on top at all times.

    the music player seems slow compared to what I am used to on my iphone. the text is huge and takes up a lot of space and scrolls rather slowly.
    11-10-2012 10:07 AM
  10. oztheozoz's Avatar
    I can't add songs to an existing playlist in Xbox music on my Lumia 920 without replacing the entire playlist with the new one. I also cannot reorder my music in a playlist or in the "now playing" playlist.
    11-10-2012 10:39 PM
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