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    I am getting the Lumia 920, my wife just got an iPhone 5 today.

    She also got this cute little case-mate Peacock case: Amazon.com: Case-Mate Creatures Peacock Case for iPhone 5: Cell Phones & Accessories which is listed on amazon as 2.1oz = 59.5g


    Lumia 920: 185g
    iPhone 5: 112g
    iPhone 5 + case: 171g

    Difference: 14g

    US Quarter weighs: 5.67g

    So... iPhone 5 + case = Lumia 920 + 2.47 quarters.

    What I want to know is, how am I, a man, reasonably expected to lift a 185g phone on a daily basis, when my wife only has to lift a 171g phone?? It doesn't seem fair.

    Btw, she is absolutely gushing about how light her new phone is. Loves it.

    I'm beginning to seriously wonder what some of these reviewers look like, physically, if they are struggling with the weight of the 920.....

    Also, these are the appropriate dimensions:

    Lumia 920:
    0.42in x 2.79in x 5.12in

    iPhone in the case:
    0.8in x 3.5in x 6.3in

    EDIT: I do find those iPhone case dimensions a little suspect, I will have to investigate when I get home and see it in person, the ones listed are just going off what Amazon has under specs.
    11-07-2012 03:11 PM
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    And there's the dead horse.
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    11-07-2012 03:13 PM
  3. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Chuck norris is the only man who can carry a Lumia 920.
    11-07-2012 03:14 PM
  4. dkp23's Avatar
    Chuck norris references are as dead as that dead horse.
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    11-07-2012 03:24 PM
  5. Russell11's Avatar
    I lift things up and put them down.
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    11-07-2012 03:28 PM
  6. independentvolume's Avatar
    I lift things up and put them down.
    Wow, I'll be damned if that isn't exactly opposite of what I do.
    11-07-2012 03:29 PM
  7. vp710's Avatar
    Yeah, I tried to have the 920 removed from my house and this happened:

    11-07-2012 03:37 PM
  8. hasasimo's Avatar
    How will I ever LIFT it?!?
    That's what she said.
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    11-07-2012 03:42 PM
  9. socialcarpet's Avatar
    I was concerned about the weight myself for a while.

    Then I got the idea to check how much my previous Android phone weighed, because I knew it was on the bigger side.

    I had an LG Esteem/Revolution and I even had a huge extended battery on it. It was bulkier than I liked, but I managed.

    The LG Esteem by itself WITHOUT the big battery is 172 grams, not to far off the 920.

    The extended battery weighed 102 grams all by itself!

    So I was carrying a ridiculous 272 grams of Android crap in my pocket and thinking "Gee this is kind of a drag" but I still managed.

    Once I realized that, I knew the 920's weight was NOT going to be an issue for me. :lol:
    11-07-2012 03:58 PM
  10. tissotti's Avatar
    I owned Nokia E90 as a work phone back in the day so no phone is too much for me. :D

    5.20 x 2.24 x 0.79 in
    210 g (7.41 oz)

    11-07-2012 04:03 PM
  11. vlad0's Avatar
    ^e90 ... what a classic!

    The only legit concern is that you can't really put in a .. lets say a front pocket of a shirt, or.. I don't know.. You can always feel it.

    With my ip5 sometimes I forget that I have it my pocket, but with my pureview I always know its there.. its like your wallet, I kind of like it.

    Btw, there are lighter iphone 5 cases out there, i have a Diztronic one on mine (you really can't use it without one because it chips away..) and it weighs less than 3/4 Ounce.

    Hate cases.. looking forward to the 920 :)
    11-07-2012 04:10 PM
  12. dtboos's Avatar
    I just went to the AT&T store to see what all the hoopla was about. They had a fully function, 100% production line demo unit with a theft-deterrant device attached, and it was STILL almost exactly the same weight as my Lumia 900 with the Nokia rubber case on it. Also seemed slightly smaller without having a case on (which I don't think I'll need on the 920).

    Worries have erroded. Awesome feeling phone, and to those who say its too heavy? Give me a break!
    11-07-2012 04:16 PM
  13. AbsoluteZerow's Avatar
    I threw it on the grounnnnnnnd!
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    11-07-2012 04:19 PM
  14. hasasimo's Avatar
    I threw it on the grounnnnnnnd!
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    11-07-2012 04:25 PM
  15. Gken's Avatar
    I threw it on the grounnnnnnnd!
    that just made my day haha. Classic. But really to keep it on topic, I am coming from a samsung focus S and the thing is so light I appreciate it but the plastic is killing me.

    The nokia just exhumes quality, weirdly I guess we associate weight with quality assuming manufacturers did all within their power to fit as much stuff into the space allotted.
    11-07-2012 04:35 PM
  16. jwinch2's Avatar
    The Lumia 920 is pretty much the same weight as the droid incredible 2 plus the seido active case that I have been carrying for some time with no issues. Can't see what the fuss is about. I have no concern with some people wanting a light phone, that is fine. But,. I am not going to get fired up over a phone being a bit more solid either.
    11-07-2012 05:46 PM
  17. Squachy's Avatar
    The Lumia 920 is pretty much Earth's equivalent to Thor's Hammer Mjolnir.

    There are only 2 people in the world that can lift Thor's hammer, and that is Thor himself and Captain America.

    Likewise there are only a handful of people who can lift Lumia 920's, and obviously none of them are smartphone reviewers.
    11-07-2012 06:04 PM
  18. camstreet1's Avatar
    I think it's the combination of weight AND size that makes it... well, seem bulky. I know it doesn't bother some (lots of people love chunky wallets), but what I love about my galaxy s2 is the way it just disappears into my pocket. I haven't yet decided re: the 920, but I can genuinely understand the concerns of some.
    11-07-2012 06:05 PM