11-13-2012 06:51 AM
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  1. bpgui's Avatar
    I'm waiting patiently for my 920 to arrive then I'm calling Sprint to cancel my account. You can have my spot over there. ;) Honestly though, the grass isn't always greener.
    Sprint is horrible in my area... I'd have to go to Big Red, which I also loathe, so the choice is kind of like voting in most elections. I have to determine which is the lesser of the two evils.
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    11-12-2012 07:23 PM
  2. Rich White's Avatar
    It definitely has been a sour launch again for AT&T. Every phone that isn't the iPhone gets this half-hearted effort from AT&T. They said the 900 launch was going to be bigger than the iPhone, yet their call reps had no clue what the 900 was when I was trying to put a phone order at the time. Now it seems to be just repeating itself again; it itself is really why Windows Phone haven't gotten anywhere here. Most reps look down on you if you don't have an iPhone, it is just plain ridiculous the kind of discrimination you get now for your cell phone, and this can be traced all the way to management because of what we can see from this botched launched.
    I can't leave AT&T to be the only one at fault. Nokia should have held another event, and gotten cash from Microsoft for a blitzkrieg type of marketing. No one knows what the 920. I think the 900 had more mindshare in the consumer than this does. The lag from the September event with preproduction hardware just isn't good enough. The hardware is great, but it is really being let down by people who want it to fail is what I feel.
    I had the sales babe at a local franchise store tell me over the phone. "Oh! You are interested in the phone we don't want to sell!"

    ATT really seems to be working against the success of this phone. Dirty Vendor dealing behind the scenes? I used to work in home electronics 30 years ago and this has that sick smell suggesting vendor push money is on the other side.
    11-12-2012 07:32 PM
  3. cthulhucometh's Avatar
    Yes, they screwed the pooch. Especially with the free charging plate offer that supposedly is available "through January 10, 2013", that they aren't honoring.

    Instead of upgrading (and getting into a new contract), I'm debating leaving AT&T.
    I got the free charging plate deal but it's all on back order
    11-12-2012 07:46 PM
  4. hasasimo's Avatar
    "Screwed up badly" is an understatement. It's also, sadly, unsurprising.
    11-12-2012 07:48 PM
  5. bpgui's Avatar
    I got the free charging plate deal but it's all on back order
    I tried... AT&T is no longer honoring the offer. This was confirmed via live chat and Premire customer service
    11-12-2012 07:51 PM
  6. henilp89's Avatar
    I AGREE! msft screwed up with their surface launch too
    11-12-2012 07:55 PM
  7. NessyBoy87's Avatar
    This whole pre-order thing has been a total disaster. Mine still says processing, and if I wasn't given 10 different excuses by 10 different representatives, I wouldn't be as irritated. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, and to prove a point, I should have went out and bought the damn phone at full price and went with StraightTalk.
    I don't know if colors have something to do with it but at this point, I don't care what color the damn thing is. Paint it sh*t brown for all I care, I'm just wondering if it'll ever ship. I think I'd feel a whole lot better if a representative told me, "You wont get your phone until next year". At least I'll have an idea when I'm getting it. Just don't lie to me and tell me your going to ship it out on the 7th...then the 9th...then tomorrow...or the day after tomorrow. Very unprofessional in my opinion. Sorry, I just had to vent.
    11-12-2012 08:11 PM
  8. baseballbert's Avatar
    Tracking info says mine shows up tomorrow!! It's in my city's post office waiting to be delivered! It will be a loooooooooong morning!!
    11-12-2012 09:01 PM
  9. ALpHa.Q.RoUgH's Avatar
    I don't think AT&T has had one successful launch. This is why I don't pre-order.
    11-12-2012 09:12 PM
  10. hasasimo's Avatar
    The question is, could it have been any worse? I don't think they could have screwed up any greater if they tried.
    11-12-2012 09:16 PM
  11. TMavC5's Avatar
    I'm still waiting for mine, ordered on 11/8.
    11-12-2012 09:26 PM
  12. Arenzael's Avatar
    I tried... AT&T is no longer honoring the offer. This was confirmed via live chat and Premire customer service
    If you do not get one with your phone, call them, and mention the offer is still listed on their online site.
    11-12-2012 09:38 PM
  13. bpgui's Avatar
    If you do not get one with your phone, call them, and mention the offer is still listed on their online site.
    I did call them. They said the offer was no longer being honored.
    11-13-2012 05:20 AM
  14. cre8tivspirit's Avatar
    As far as the pre-order went, at&t completely screwed the pooch for mine. First the online order process wouldn't let me keep my current family plan for voice. It wanted me to choose either a shared plan or a new individual plan. Then after about a 30 minute wait for premier customer service to tell me what the problem was, they hung up on me. After calling back and sitting on hold for another 45 minutes, they hung up on me again. This all began at 9:00am on the 7th. By 1:00pm I finally got someone on the phone to take my order for the 920 and the free charging plate. I was promised that the activation fee would be waived because of the problems encountered and that my shipment was going to be guaranteed overnight so it would arrive on Friday as promised.

    Phone and charging plate were shipped separately by USPS and not overnight delivery. Charging plate arrived on Saturday and I'm still waiting on the delivery of my phone, although it is supposed to arrive today.

    Upside to all of this is that I called and filed a complaint with at&t and threatened to drop all service with them completely. Also informed them that the only thing that has ever separated them from the competition, for me, was their excellent customer service, which they failed miserably at this time around. Service rep was super apologetic and seemed genuinely surprised about the shipping because she said they area only supposed to use Fedex or UPS, and not the mail service. Once all was said and done, at&t gave me a $200 credit on my next billing cycle as compensation.
    11-13-2012 06:51 AM
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