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    As most of you know, AT&T has a policy with FedEx on its shipments where the delivery service must make at least one delivery attempt before changes can be made on the ship-to address or the package itself can be held over for customer pick up. Earlier this morning I spent about twenty minutes on the phone, most of which was with a Customer Service Advocate, getting my package held for pick up by me during my lunch.


    Call now. If your shipment is due to arrive by 4:30pm this afternoon in your time zone, it probably hasn't left yet. Speak with a CSR first, and when you are told they cannot do anything about it ask for a supervisor.

    Be polite. Novel concept here, but being polite does get you further than if you are demanding they hold a shipment just because you said so.

    Be firm. How can you be polite and firm? For starters, you shouldn't allow the 'advocate' to talk over you or interrupt you. Finish your thoughts, but make them clear and concise.

    Accept the worst. They might not get the shipment held. However, if they do manage this feat please show your gratitude as most will just be yelling at them today anyway.

    Twenty minutes on the phone when I'm on my way to the office saved me another two hours on the road going back and forth between my house and the service center.

    FedEx - you made me smile this morning.
    11-09-2012 09:01 AM