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    Went to Best Buy first and they didn't have any, so I went to an AT&T corporate store and they had 3 in stock, a black, white and red. I was wanting a yellow, but opted for the red. When I was checking out, I inquired about the free wireless charging base and they were clueless. They went to see if they had and they didn't. They then monkeyed around and refunded me the cost of the charger against my new phone since they didn't have any in stock. They then placed a fulfillment order for the charging plate. I was looking at the receipts they gave me, and I wound up getting the 920 for $54 and they are still shipping me the charging plate at no charge. I smiled, thanked them and whistled as I was leaving the store. Loving the 920 so far!
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    11-09-2012 03:02 PM