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    So yes. The fc on the l920 pretty pathetic. Specially coming from a one x+ where the fc is awesome. I was expecting at least an average fc and Its not in my opinion. And about the rear camera flash. Even when is off flash activates. Can't do sneaky pictures lol. I think I'm exchanging this for a 8x. The rear camera is not all that either. What's your opinion
    11-10-2012 09:54 AM
  2. Reflexx's Avatar
    Rear light isn't "flash". It's a metering system to tell the phone where to focus. After it meters, then it will take the photo without flash.

    The metering can be turned off.

    As for the FFC, I believe the 8X has a superior one. It's a giid resolution and it's also wide angle, so it can fit more in view. If the FFC is a big feature for you, you can't go wrong with the 8X.
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    11-10-2012 09:59 AM