1. At the beach's Avatar
    I went to the MS store in Plaza Las Americas last night (Saturday, 11.10) expecting to at least try out the different colors on the 920 and take a look at the 8x. To my surprise they didn't have any of the new wave of WP8 (920s, 820, 8x's, etc.) out for display let alone sale. Asked an employee and he said they hadn't received any and he wasn't sure when they were getting them! Meanwhile, they had the white and black for sale in the AT&T store in the mall (Plaza), both of which were sold out. Seems really weird that a MS store wouldn't have the phones at all during the launch, defeats the point of the store to an extent, right? Anyone have any info on this (I'm hoping this guy was just misinformed)? Are there any other MS stores across the country that don't have the phones?
    11-11-2012 08:38 AM