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    Below is the whole chat transcript I had with an on line billing and payment rep 5 minutes ago, it seems now they provide plates with all 5 colors for free.

    x: Hi Tanya

    Tanya Fortier: Hi x.

    Tanya Fortier: Absolutely, I can help you with the order, It's my priority to resolve this today and to respond to any other questions you may have.

    x: So I upgraded my phone to a lumia 920, and it should come with a free wireless charging plate. Got my shipment yesterday, no charging plate there.

    x: I ordered via phone early 7th, the rep i speak with cant find the charging plate due to the website being under some technical issues, so she could not add that plate in my order. But she noted that it will come with my phone since it's a promo package and If i dont get that, I should contact CS as the may likely be able to visist that website by then..

    Tanya Fortier: I will be happy to look into this for you.

    x: yea, I'm sure you can^^. My friend has the same problem and he told me to speak with an online agent, problem solved^^

    x: Get a Free Charging Plate ($49 value) with the purchase of the Nokia Lumia 920 with a 2 year service agreement. In order to take advantage of this offer, be sure to select a Nokia Wireless Charging Plate (any color) on the next page.

    x: this is the message i got from the upgrade page

    Tanya Fortier: Thank you.

    Tanya Fortier: Please allow me a few moments.

    x: sure

    Tanya Fortier: I am still working on this for you, thank you so much for your patience.

    x: not a problem. I understand the communication of big corps

    Tanya Fortier: Do you know which color you wanted?

    x: red or yellow whichever available

    Tanya Fortier: There is either Yellow, Cyan, Red, White or Black?

    x: i'll get the red one then

    Tanya Fortier: Okay, thank you.

    Tanya Fortier: One moment please.

    x: sure thing Tanya, you are being very helpful.

    Tanya Fortier: Your welcome, its my pleasure.

    Tanya Fortier: What is the address that it should be shipped to?

    x: any idea when is the estimated deliver time?

    Tanya Fortier: What is the address that it should be shipped to?

    Tanya Fortier: I am sending it out priority shipping which can be 1-2 business days.
    11-11-2012 08:23 AM
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    hope that helps and would be a relief for someone in my shoes
    11-11-2012 08:26 AM