1. Jason De Castro's Avatar
    Im not lucky enough to be able to see the 920 in person as no stores have it on display around me. So i was wondering, from the people that have seen the red, yellow and white in person, which do you think looks the best?
    11-12-2012 12:05 AM
  2. TenTwelve's Avatar
    I've seen black, white, red, and yellow in person and red looks the best out of those 4.
    11-12-2012 12:41 AM
  3. moonboy509's Avatar
    I own red, but I think black color is surprise me
    11-12-2012 12:48 AM
  4. razorguy's Avatar
    I had the black and white in front of me at my AT&T store and was not a fan of the gloss look so I chose black which with the matte finish looks awesome. Personally I think the matte gray version would look better but unfortunately no word of AT&T getting it so I'll deal with black.
    11-12-2012 12:53 AM
  5. TenTwelve's Avatar
    I own red, but I think black color is surprise me
    Black did look better than I expected in person but, I still prefer red.
    11-12-2012 12:54 AM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    Both red and yellow looked sexii! I've actually seen all colors except the Cyan that I'll have in a several hours =)
    11-12-2012 12:57 AM
  7. ALpHa.Q.RoUgH's Avatar
    I've seen all the colors in person except (Yellow & Grey)

    IMO, the red didn't really look red it looks like how another guy who was looking at it described it to me as (Tomato Red), has a some orange in it. Black is Black, White is White & Cyan Blue looks good. I went with White but if I had to list I would say:

    1. Cyan
    2. White
    3. Red
    4. Black
    11-12-2012 01:01 AM
  8. ColeHarris's Avatar
    Problem is "what looks best in person" is highly subjective so no amount of response can replace your own observation. That said the store I went to had all the colors to look at and my favorites were the White (looks very futuristic) and the Cyan which is a very soothing calm color and matches well with a lot of the tile colors. The yellow and red looked a little toyish to me because of the glossy finish (white didn't have this problem though), the matte on the other hand looked super sleek and professional however its not a rubbery matte like the 8X its very smooth and fine so it didn't grip as well as the glossy finish did. Anyways I'd just pick whatever color tile you like the most and get the corresponding phone or just get the white or black.
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    11-12-2012 01:03 AM
  9. Jason De Castro's Avatar
    Do you find white to be "dull" or "boring"? I've been considering white ever since I saw the high contrast mode, but not having owned a white phone I just want to know how someone else feels about their white 920
    11-12-2012 01:15 AM
  10. alpinestars1z's Avatar
    Do you find white to be "dull" or "boring"? I've been considering white ever since I saw the high contrast mode, but not having owned a white phone I just want to know how someone else feels about their white 920
    I actually had trouble making up my mind at the Microsoft Store, though I didn't get to see yellow because they didn't have it yet. I originally was planning to get Cyan because of all the bad things people say about glossy, but when I saw the white and the red, they both looked really good to me. I really liked the contrast created by the black buttons and camera strip.

    The white looked really good to me, but the only reason I didn't go with it was there are other phones (mainly iPhone) which are sold in white too. Even though the WPCentral poll from I think a couple weeks back said white was the least popular color for the 920, I still felt that white was like the second "default" color for a phone. Like if a phone wasn't black, it would most likely be white.

    So I decided to go with the red. Yes, fingerprints do show up, but I'm still pretty happy with my purchase.

    And no, from the ten minutes that I spent with the white 920 in the store, I don't think it's boring.
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    11-12-2012 01:36 AM
  11. Kissanviikset's Avatar
    I think white could be most versatile, what comes in to tile colours. Bezels does not argue so much with tile colours. What i have read high cotrast mode looks great in white.

    Black is other colour, but i think it is just too common. In the end it is just personal preference.
    11-12-2012 01:39 AM
  12. Coreldan's Avatar
    I think red looks the best, but black feels by far the best. The glossy wasnt nice at all in hand, which makes me sad cos I wanted red. But if you reflect light through the red one, it stops being pretty too when the glossyness and all the fingerprints show :D
    11-12-2012 02:22 AM
  13. Bundalings's Avatar
    I only saw the white, black and yellow ones, but I figure I'll still say something because most people haven't seen yellow in person. I don't really like the matte phones. I think they are dull and unpleasant to the touch. The white looked fantastic, and I imagine the red would too, but I feel the white is a bit too regular, and the red is somehow too much for me. The yellow was surprisingly inoffensive (I thought I might choose white or cyan over it because in my head a yellow phone just sounds wrong somehow).

    But after seeing it in person and handling it, I can say I was quite pleased and I immediately ordered a yellow one. It was very vivid, but not overpowering. In the light I was looking at it in, it looked like it might have a slight greenish hue, like a banana that's a day away from ripeness.

    One problem is it probably won't look good with reddish or orangeish tiles. Which is okay with me, because I was planning on using olive/mauve/taupe anyway.
    11-12-2012 02:35 AM
  14. iandealencar's Avatar
    which color are u guys looking for?
    11-12-2012 08:28 AM
  15. jwinch2's Avatar
    I own the red but saw the white also in person. The red is a bit brighter than it appeared in the pictures to me, I had been expecting a bit darker red than the phone actually is. Regardless, it still looks very nice. The white looked great as well, but I prefer the red personally.
    11-12-2012 08:33 AM
  16. kebnt's Avatar
    Agree that "best" is purely subjective. At first i was leaning towards red but when i saw it in person wasn't too thrilled about how much of a fingerprint magnet it was. Considered the cyan too but like that black has a lot of tile options that worked together (to be at least) so i went with black.
    11-12-2012 08:55 AM
  17. B T C's Avatar
    I've seen black, white, yellow & red. With the exception of yellow, I could have probably been happy with any of them. I'm not a big fan of whatever shade of yellow they used. If I had to choose a color other than black, I think I may have gone with red. I thought it looked nice, even with the smudged casing.

    Ultimately, you'll have to decide for yourself.
    11-12-2012 09:00 AM