11-18-2012 10:53 AM
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  1. AldehydeTao's Avatar
    I have to say the 920 has the best clarity out of any cell phone I've used in the past, I don't have to ask people to repeat what they said like I did on my Epic.
    I have the exact same feeling
    11-17-2012 01:04 PM
  2. muddtt's Avatar
    I have the exact same feeling
    3rd...best phone i've had so far regarding call quality.
    11-17-2012 01:12 PM
  3. channing0214's Avatar
    No issues with mine, and the speaker phone quality has been excellent as well.
    11-17-2012 01:27 PM
  4. tibere86's Avatar
    Coming from a Galaxy Nexus, I was blown away with the call clarity. It is landline quality.
    11-17-2012 01:48 PM
  5. the_thunderbird's Avatar
    Great call quality; I have used it for "normal calls," Skype calls and conference calling through my employer without issue (or battery drain).
    11-17-2012 01:52 PM
  6. BearJammerz's Avatar
    I am coming from a Samsung Focus. I think the 920 sounds great. Nice and deep and rich.
    11-17-2012 01:58 PM
  7. PAPACLIFFY's Avatar
    I live on the fringe of any kind of cellular service and my 920 is the first phone I've had that I can actually use as a phone.
    11-17-2012 02:04 PM
  8. PhilipTyre's Avatar
    The call quality was a noticeable upgrade for me. I agree with the others that it's landline clarity; no comments either way on the other end, but I've never had much trouble being understood on any of my phones, so it would be weird for people to comment. ;)
    11-17-2012 04:41 PM
  9. rdifiori's Avatar
    I'm 99% sure this is caused by network problems not hardware. I returned two 900s because of poor call quality. The third started exhibiting the thing, so I gave up and decided to live with it. I notice the poor call quality comes and goes, even with full LTE bars. I don't think it's the phone itself.
    11-18-2012 09:19 AM
  10. Fuzzy John's Avatar
    Coming from an HTC Titan... It can only get better.
    Really... so far (9 days) I did not notice any problems with the call quality, nor was I told that people cannot understand me.
    11-18-2012 09:40 AM
  11. kcovert's Avatar
    LTE 2 bars, people say I sound far away on my 920.
    11-18-2012 10:03 AM
  12. freddywayne's Avatar
    I had the exact same issue with what seemed to be a blown speaker on my red Lumia 920 that I'd purchased at AT&T at launch on Nov 9. In addition to the buzzing & not being able to make out the words of the caller on the other end, my phone had extreme HEAT issues, only last 2 to 3 hours of charge from 99%, sporadic capacitive light indicators, battery discharge while at idle and speaker volume & screen would randomly reduce themselves. Well...to make a long story short, if anyone is having these issues, then you have a DEFECTIVE Lumia 920. Period! I returned my unit yesterday for an exchanged and it has been like night & day! Wow! What a difference a fully functional phone makes! After letting the battery drain & fully recharging, I surfed the web, non stop for 7 to 8 hours and had 32% battery life left before I went to bed. I woke up this morning and still had the remaining 32% left too. Also, no more heat issues either. I LOVE MY LUMIA 920 now!
    11-18-2012 10:41 AM
  13. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    I have great call quality. Sometimes it feels as if the speaker isn't loud enough (or maybe I am going deaf) but overall mine has been great.
    11-18-2012 10:53 AM
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