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    I saw a "dot within a circle" icon on my 920's status bar and was wondering what it was. I found a handy page that was part of the 920's online manual that showed me it was the icon for "An app or service is using your location info."

    Since I remember questions regarding what various icons mean cropped up occasionally for the Lumia 900, I thought I'd share this link for any other new 920 owners, especially those who are newly arriving from Android or iOS:

    Icons shown on the Lumia 920

    On the left of that page is a listing of the other contents of the user manual too, so this is a handy page to bookmark.
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    11-12-2012 11:36 AM
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    Useful info. Thanks.
    11-12-2012 12:36 PM
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    Here's the official MS page about the icons. It says it's for WP7 but the info is valid for WP8 as well. It has a few that are missing on the Nokia page:

    What do the icons on my phone mean? | Windows Phone How-to (United States)
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    11-12-2012 12:48 PM
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    I always kept forgetting what the 'vibrate' icon meant. I thought it was telling me my phone smelled bacon nearby. (oooo, future feature idea!!!!)
    11-12-2012 01:00 PM