View Poll Results: How Do You Rate the Launch of the Lumia 920?

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  • Successful, But It Could've Been Better

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  • Meh, At Least They Priced It Aggressively

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  • Who'd They Get For the Marketing, Kindergarteners?

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  • Awful, This Is Like the Original Reverse

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  1. TheBigJMoney's Avatar
    As someone who was part of the original "frenzy" of the iPhone 3g, I've been thinking a bit about the launch of the Nokia 920. For a "flagship" device with the fortunes of Nokia and (to an extent) Microsoft riding on the success of the phone and its OS, I think it's been a study in failure.

    The phone has little presence in stores, CS reps at AT&T had little (if not contradictory) information on the free charger, and the in store availability of stock was too limited. One of the things this phone needs/needed was to create some "buzz" that drove people to the stores. The phone and platform is already ice skating uphill in a windstorm and as far as I can tell the only promotional thing they've done right is with pricing.

    Obviously it's only been a few days, but they really need to get on the ball as we enter the holiday season in the U.S.
    11-12-2012 05:44 PM