1. Leo Anderson's Avatar
    Just got my Lumia 920 in last night and decided to give it a full charge before using. Holding down the power button, I get the "Slide Down" to power off. It says Goodbye but a few seconds later, I get the brief vibrate and it turns back on.

    If the phone is not connected, it will stay off. Is this normal?
    11-13-2012 07:49 AM
  2. Tyresian's Avatar
    While the phone is plugged in it will stay on. That was true for Windows Phone 7 and seems true for 8 as well.
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    11-13-2012 07:51 AM
  3. Munkeyphyst's Avatar
    It is normal, expected, and intentional
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    11-13-2012 07:55 AM
  4. Reflexx's Avatar
    The OS makes sure you don't overcharge your battery, increasing the life of your battery. But it has to be on in order to measure the charge.
    11-13-2012 08:58 AM