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    Went into my local AT&T store to see how over-exaggerated the weight issue was. I have been rocking a Mophie Juice Pack Plus on my iPhone 4 and combined they weigh around 0.47 pounds. The Lumia 920 is around 0.41-0.42 pounds so I knew it wasn't going to be a big deal for me.

    The 920 felt so good in the hand it was incredible. The rep handed me his phone and the first thing I noticed was the nice curved back to the device. The Nokia "Smile," as they claim truly did feel nice in the hand. The amazing thing was even though the phone was large, the curved edges allowed me to easily tap the corners of the screen. The weight felt so much better than my iPhone. The iPhone is so dense and does not cover as large of a surface area, but the 920 was even all over and with that larger surface area it felt great.

    If you are worried about the way and you currently have an iPhone 4, trust me its not a big deal. The 920 will feel excellent in the hand.

    Also, more people should check out the 820. I felt the 820 in matte black and it could possible take the cake away from the 920 for most comfortable in the hand!

    This is my first post and will be getting this phone when my contract is up in February.

    11-13-2012 01:12 PM