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    have been seeing reports of lumia 920 on back order on at&t. reports of lumia 920 sold out in china, australia and UK. all of this is good news for nokia and microsoft. i hope this leads to an explosion of apps on the windows app store. that is the only thing holding back this wonderful device in my opinion. i really would like to see a video player that has more support for other formats.
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    11-13-2012 03:04 PM
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    I agree (apps part). The billion+ possible Windows 8 licenses will help too since if a developer will make one for the Windows Store (including RT), they will have a great opportunity with Windows Phone 8 as well.
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    11-13-2012 03:07 PM
  3. inteller's Avatar
    yep, all 20k phones sold out.

    don't get me wrong, I want them to do well, but I am skeptical of any "sell outs" of a device. It either means the maker doesnt have their act together and didn't anticipate demand...or it is the "Wii effect" and I wont play that game.
    11-13-2012 03:12 PM