11-14-2012 12:43 PM
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  1. lordofthereef's Avatar
    personally i like the hardware camera button to instant launch the camera app. But i'm a photo guy so that little thing is a big difference.


    please correct me if I'm wrong... Don't all windows phones have the hardware button? Pretty sure the HTC models do, st the very least.
    11-14-2012 12:29 PM
  2. mark1914's Avatar
    With all the good reasons to own a Wp8 I still can't understand why I can't make myself like it as much as everyone else does. I keep picking up my Note. I've swapped my SIM card back and forth for the last two days.
    11-14-2012 12:38 PM
  3. gsquared's Avatar
    Are there any benefits from having a Windows 8 phone, Windows 8 tablet and PC? Also, besides CityLens and the PureView camera what are some of the other features that make this phone a must have? In other words, what sets it apart from the iPhone and say the Samsung Galaxy? My contract is up and I really want to get this phone but don't want to be bored after a day.

    A skeptic that is unwilling to do there own due dillengence. I recommend you stay with Android or IOS. If you want something but don't know why (as per your own statements) then you really do not need it.

    Sorry to be harsh but thats just the way it is.
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    11-14-2012 12:43 PM
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