1. baseballbert's Avatar
    Get cyan 920 today, turns into fireball after first five mins. An 1:14:34 phone call gets me nothing with att. Three reps tell me I can't send it back, and they can only send a refurb phone. Its been out five days, how us that possible??

    So I eventually decide screw this, iPhone five. The tonight, I thought I really don't want one, i dont want a 4S retread (I've got one already) I'm calling att again.

    Then, two reps later, low and behold, I get a phone number to call get my phone replaced. I call tomorrow, they send one out. When it comes, I send the fireball back, and everyone wins.

    When I asked why I wasn't told this earlier, they night shift had no idea why the day shift told me what they did. Att fail ir win, I haven't decided.

    I guess I will know when the next phone comes and if it overheats, the battery isn't good or any other issue that's popped up!
    11-14-2012 12:41 AM