11-15-2012 07:52 AM
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  1. robertre's Avatar
    I too am noticing my battery performance improving significantly with charge cycles. I got from 7am yesterday until 2am this morning. At this point, I am getting about what I got on my Samsung Focus, which I got a whole day unless I had very heavy usage on a rare occasion. So far, except for the day I picked up my 920, I have not had to recharge it during the day. I have been around the house using wifi, so I have not had a chance to use it a lot with cellular data turned on as a comparison, but I am comfortable that the battery will be fine for me. One thing I do is exit out of applications that I do not need to keep running in the background by pressing the back key rather than the home key. I think that helps, especially for applications that use the location or gps functions. Apps load so much faster on my 920, that I do not feel the need to keep most of them running in the background.
    11-14-2012 09:53 AM
  2. txaggies07's Avatar
    My battery life is similar to the OP. I have 2 emails set to Push.
    11-14-2012 10:00 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Gonna put mine through a full day today. Its been two days and I expect better battery life.

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    11-14-2012 10:08 AM
  4. mparker's Avatar
    I'm thoroghly unimpressed with two things:
    1) The fact it drained so fast and it's taking SO long to charge. My iPhone 4 would take a full charge in what seemed like less than an hour. Maybe I'm wrong there - but going on 2.5 hours I would think we should be seeing something more than 60%.
    I think the "drained so fast" and "taking so long to charge" are due to the same cause. Something is stuck and drained the battery, and now that it's on the charger it's sucking down the juice nearly as fast as the charger can put it back in. If you've rebooted the phone in the interim, then I'd check on the background processes. In theory it should be impossible for a background task to hog the cpu and drain the battery. The difference between theory and reality is that in theory there's no difference but in reality there is.
    11-14-2012 10:10 AM
  5. nico002's Avatar
    update: im now at 97% battery with 2 days estimated remaining

    i drained the battery last night and charged fully - seems to have helped?
    11-14-2012 10:12 AM
  6. joeynox's Avatar
    Ok for all of those who have these epic settings what are they? How many cycles dif you do before you saw better battery life?

    i hot my phone last night and charged my phone 1 time which was last night until this morning. I have 2 emails set to 1 hr, 1 background app tunning ,bt off, battery daver on,made 3 phone calls all about 4-5 min, and made 3 posts on this site and lurked for about 10 minutes and now this post and I'm at 50%
    11-14-2012 10:12 AM
  7. robstunner's Avatar
    Off the charger for 1 hour, checked a few things like facebook and twitter (via the people app), boadreader app, and only have 1 email syncing for "as arrives." All background tasks are blocked accept for the weather channel and the battery level tile.

    1 hour off charger = 84% battery = 6 hours left.

    I want to love this phone, and am willing to overlook the lack of apps (as I was a fan of android when it was lacking in apps like wp8 is) but the battery life is dissapointing. My 1800mAh One X thats 6 months old lasts longer than this phone with it's larger battery.
    11-14-2012 10:14 AM
  8. joeynox's Avatar
    Sorry for the grammatical errors , the switch from the iPhone keyboard to the Lumia is taking its toll on my thumb
    11-14-2012 10:14 AM
  9. firewall2302's Avatar
    My battery life was running really well with moderate usage and 2 email accounts on push.

    So far I haven't set up many background tasks but even with that throughout a roughly 10-hour period I'd only lose 10-20% depending on if I spent any time playing games on my Lumia.

    Yesterday I picked up my free charging pad though and when I'm at my desk at work my phone is constantly charging. So, now it's much harder to judge my battery usage :)
    11-14-2012 10:23 AM
  10. dkp23's Avatar
    I hadn't noticed battery issues until last night.

    I got home from work and plugged my phone in - that's just what I normally do.

    The wife and I watched some TV and waited on the kids to go to bed. I unplugged my phone and went to the store to get my eldest son the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II game for his Birthday. This was around 10:00.

    When I got back I just went to bed and left all my stuff in my pants pockets - including my phone which was at full charge when I left. This morning, when I pulled my phone out it was dead as a doornail. This was at ~6:30AM.

    Looking at my battery life now, it is at 59% and says I have ~7 hours left. It's been plugged in since about 7:00 AM (save for about ten minutes walk time to walk into the building at work).

    I'm thoroghly unimpressed with two things:
    1) The fact it drained so fast and it's taking SO long to charge. My iPhone 4 would take a full charge in what seemed like less than an hour. Maybe I'm wrong there - but going on 2.5 hours I would think we should be seeing something more than 60%.

    2) The inexcusable lack of a method to forcibly terminate running applications. Something probably had GPS hung open or who knows what - there's no telling and no doubt MS will blame Nokia who will blame MS and then a plethora of third party app developers will get blamed and ultimately - why the heck can't I close an app? Seriously?

    That really frustrated me - I don't like not having control of my device and not being able to terminate apps means I don't have control. When the battery dies yee who was in control is repsonsible - and yee is Microsoft. They want to own that control - now they've shown themselves wanting.

    The frustrating part is that I don't know if it's the phone, the batter, or the software. I think it's the software, but I can't say because I can't control it.

    It's unfortunate, because I really like the Nokia Lumia 920, but... I've got 3 of these things on my account now. My Wife's, my own, and my eldest son's is pending shipment (he wanted Yellow). There's a real good chance they're going to get all 3 back because of the WP8 OS and not the hardware.
    You can close apps on the phone. You have to use the app switching process, hold the arrow button and the screen should zoomout, press back twice and it closes that app, you can keep doing that all the way through. I think the app switching only holds 8 apps at a time, so you dont have to do it for everything you opened.
    11-14-2012 11:07 AM
  11. joeynox's Avatar
    I called Nokia support just to ask about the battery and was on the phone with them for 6 minutes. My battery was at 30% noe its at 19%. The "Lumia specialist" said yea it sounds lie either the software isn't reading the battery correctly or there is an issue with the battery you should get a replacement from att. Then said after the first initial full charge your battery should be st optimal performance . :(
    11-14-2012 11:28 AM
  12. awesomeindeed's Avatar
    The other thing to remember when saying the phone takes long to charge is that it has a 2000mah battery. That's a good 25% bump in capacity compared to the iPhone. Considering they charge at a similar rate, it's going to take longer to charge.

    I have been getting excellent battery life out of my phone. I'm used to charging it once a night, so as long as I get through until bed time, I'm good. So far I haven't had less than 30-35% when putting it on charge for the night after a good 14-15 hour day.
    11-14-2012 11:44 AM
  13. joeynox's Avatar
    The only way I can replace my cyan is to send it to stt because no core stored around mr have them which means no phone for 2 weeks F Nokia and their crap batteries and F att for having a web only vyan exclusive . Should have just stayed with my iPhone . Gah
    11-14-2012 12:18 PM
  14. joeynox's Avatar
    11-14-2012 12:18 PM
  15. robstunner's Avatar
    The only way I can replace my cyan is to send it to stt because no core stored around mr have them which means no phone for 2 weeks F Nokia and their crap batteries and F att for having a web only vyan exclusive . Should have just stayed with my iPhone . Gah
    11-14-2012 12:23 PM
  16. joeynox's Avatar
    11-14-2012 12:31 PM
  17. sandman's Avatar
    I was getting sub optimal performance from my battery until I completely drained it mon night.

    Tuesday was great! 10 hours after a full charge and moderate use it still had 63% remaining.

    Today, it has sucked. About 1 hour after a full charge (I had been talking on it the entire time) it was at 69%. Now about 4 hours after a full charge I am down to 35%. Not looking good :(

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    11-14-2012 12:40 PM
  18. Kelly Prophet's Avatar
    I think the real question here is: how is Black Ops??

    Seriously though, can you remember an app you may have installed that could be causing the drain? With every new OS come a lot of developers jumping on the band wagon writing crappy code and publishing apps that are no where ready for prime time.

    As far as running apps, go to Settings --> Applications -- >Background Tasks and see if anything is running.
    Ha, no idea. He'll get to open it this evening when he gets home from school.

    I have no idea on what background tasks may or may not have been running. I have a strong suspicion that it's related to GPS - largely because that's what I see others complaining of. Like once you enable a GPS app it just lingers, sucks up battery, and some have even noted the phone being warm.

    But, alas - I can't see what's running and can't terminate anything to stop them from running. I looked in Settings and there is no Applications menu item. Perhaps I'm missing something, off to my long term memory storage, a.k.a Google...

    Edit: /facepalm
    Ok. Found it. Nokia Drive+ Beta, Nokia Trailers, and Weather Channel are the only background tasks.

    I think it's time for Nokia Drive+ Beta to go. I suspect it's the culprait.

    Edit2: Ok, it's been 10 minutes since I removed Nokia Drive+ Beta and Nokia Trailers and the battery has gone from 69% at 12:59 to 76% at 1:09 - so I'd say that was the batter leech. Earlier this morning I noted my data usage since the 9th was 440.49MB - which is more than I usually use in an entire month. So I noted the amount and just checked it again and it's gone up to 456.38. I have not used the phone to surf the net, play music, or anything that should have consumed any data at all. Literally, I've handled one phone call for about 5 minutes - otherwise it has sat untouched.

    The next test, I suppose, is to wait and see if one of those two apps I removed was responsible for that odd data usage.

    Edit 3 - final edit I think:

    Ok, no new data usage since removing those two Nokia apps. Also, phone has been unplugged for 3 hours with not much use (a few phone calls and text) and it's still showing 100% charge. (Some other normal use like bluetooth sync in my truck, probably a good search or two - what have you.)

    Time left still shows really low, 12 hours to be exact. No idea why this is since it's already gone over 3 hours with not even 1% lost. It's probably taking an average that still accounts for the Nokia apps crazy power consumption.

    Note to self: If I get lost in the woods with this thing - might only have a few hours of GPS use before it dies. Not good! lol
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    11-14-2012 12:44 PM
  19. joeynox's Avatar
    A Nokia tep said just keep pressing the back arrow until you get to the start screen. Then said get a new one . :(
    11-14-2012 12:47 PM
  20. Cartman's Avatar
    Here is a screenshot of mine. I just got the phone yesterday at around 5PM and used it until it was at about 5% battery. Left it plugged in all night.

    Remaining battery life: 100%
    Estimated time remaining: 1 day 15 hours
    Time since last charge: 2 hours

    Facebook (Live Tile)
    Angry Birds
    Angry Birds Space
    Contre Jour
    Cut the Rope
    Draw Something (Live Tile)
    Words With Friends (Live Tile)
    Bank of America
    Nokia Drive+ Beta
    Prime TV

    Two ActiveSync email accounts
    Bing Suggestions
    Every location service setting I could find on.
    WiFi on
    Backup on
    Find my phone on
    Feedback on
    Bing lock screen
    11-14-2012 01:13 PM
  21. Cartman's Avatar
    Just an update on my battery life after around 6 hours of use:

    Remaining battery life: 93%
    Estimated time remaining: 5 days 23 hours (!)
    Time since last charge: 6 hours

    Have sent a few text and MMS messages, checked email, ran Prime TV, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive (for only about 30 seconds) and other things I forget. Took it with me to lunch a few miles away. No phone calls though. I will add that I am in a VERY strong 4G area and moderate (3 bars) LTE area.
    11-14-2012 05:50 PM
  22. joeynox's Avatar
    I don't understand how they could ship the phone with a camera bug and the battery gate.i was on WiFi last night and at 100% battery I played a Netflix movie that was 2 hours and my battery went from 100% 63% but never got hot or even warm. Right now after loading ie and logging in and typing this I went from 100% to 90% and the back of my phone above the camera I's hot not warm.
    11-15-2012 07:44 AM
  23. joeynox's Avatar
    11-15-2012 07:52 AM
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