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    I was in my local EE store today (Burnley, Lancs), and saw the Nokia Lumia 920 advertised for 369.99 (+ 10 top up) on PAYG. I believe this is the cheapest I've seen it advertised yet in the UK. The phone was only available in black. They didn't have any stock, but I asked to reserve one and left my details with the guy behind the counter for when they do come in.

    He also confirmed that the phone came with the free wireless charging pad (which you picked up in store, not online - he showed me one) and a free set of headphones which he told me were a Christmas offer.

    Very strangely, there is another EE store in town, (literally less than 100m away) and they had the 920 advertised there as 399 (+ 10 top up). They didn't have PAYG stock either.
    11-14-2012 01:32 PM
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    Good offer, pity they had no stock to sell you!

    This seems to be an issue in most EE stores, all the stock they have is contract only, they could be making a fortune if they accommodated the customer rather than pandering to their own desires to tie ppl into contracts
    11-14-2012 02:12 PM
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    An update to this... I went into the same store yesterday to see if they had stock on payg. They did. When I tried to buy the phone at that price (i.e. 379.99) they told me the phone was only that price if you purchased an additional 60 credit at the same time. The cheapest you could buy the phone and walk away for was 409.99 (i.e. 399.99 handset + 10 top up). I thought this was very misleading and told them as much. I purchased at this price anyway and walked out with the free charging pad and a set of WESC Bass headphones. It was hard work getting the charging pad off the EE guy, he didn't know anything about the offer and really wasn't for giving it to me, as the till wouldn't scan them through. He seemed to think they were for contract only and he phoned his boss (who clearly didnt have a clue either) who seemed to confirm this. When he actually scanned the phone and then tried to scan the charging pad, it came through at 0.00 for the pad, so he gave it to me. Was hard work though. Someone please fix the enter button!! Can't do new paragraphs!!
    11-16-2012 08:05 AM

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