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    Hey guys,

    Thought this might help someone,
    I keep my contacts in a google account. However, when I synced that account to my Lumia 920, I noticed none of the secondary mobile numbers showed up. This is important for those of you using Google Voice with a whole lot of 'Shadow Numbers' saved for people.

    Here's what I did to get around it.
    Export Google contacts to .csv
    You'll see a column called Other Phone
    I duplicated that column and called it Car Phone (I exported a sample contact from outlook.com to see how it stores secondary mobile numbers)/
    Import this list into an outlook.com account
    Sync to WP8, voil, you'll see all your "Mobile 2" numbers.

    PS. This took some trial and error and involved me having to delete my outlook.com contacts and starting over. I couldn't figure out anyway to delete all the contacts, so had to select them one at a time, luckily you can use space + down arrow repeatedly. If someone knows how to delete all contacts from an outlook.com account, please let me know!
    11-15-2012 01:31 PM