12-14-2012 11:20 AM
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    This whole cycle is going to start over again when we all get a firmware update from Nokia and people will want to compare battery life of the 920 pre and post update, with these apps pre and post update and without the apps pre and post update.

    Maybe over the next month we can rate battery life as when used riding a horse through Nashville, TN. Then we can see what effect sitting in the front row of a Gallagher performance has on the battery life. Then in the utlimate test of endurance it can be taken to a Nickelback concert, take an arrow to the knee.

    If my phone charges overnight and lasts from the time I take it off the charger until I get home, I'm fine. If I have a charger at the office and one in my car, I'm fine. If my phone cannot last four hours before it needs to be recharged, I have an issue with that. Anything less than four hours and I'm seriously looking for another phone. I honestly might have rocked a Palm Pre longer had the phone managed to hold a charge longer than three hours, regardless of which battery I put into it.

    What kills me is that people go to great lengths - GREAT LENGTHS - to get 80 hours of battery life on something they use maybe four hours a day and talk on less than 30 minutes. I was in that camp once, using Juice Defender to shut down just about everything I had running on my Android phones when not in use. Well, it said I doubled my phone's battery life. (Check's run time - 8 hours) You mean I only went from 4 to 8 hours? :mad:

    Use your phone. Kick up the brightness all the way to eleven. Run everything you can in the background that doesn't slow up your phone. Consume massive amounts of bandwidth. Completely fill up every ounce of free space on your Lumia. Run the battery down less than 10% often. Take 1,000's of pictures. Burn a hole in your pants because your phone gets so hot you cannot stand it. You paid money for this phone. Use it. Enjoy it. Two years will come and go and you can either say yes, I got my money's worth on that phone or you could be like the phone snobs (I'm one) that change their phone every other week because the new model has 1080p iMotion video control with 3D augmentation and it warns you 15 mintues before you have only two hours of talk time so you can wirelessly charge your phone using a single strip of bacon. The model we have now has to use three strips of bacon and you cannot even eat the bacon once your phone is charged. I hear the next version is going to have built in translation so you can finally understand what the Ewoks say in Star Wars, or the people at the Chinese resturant that laugh at you when you call it General Toes' chicken.
    You, sir, are my hero ;-)
    11-15-2012 05:16 PM
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    You are either the developer of the app, or really misled. The app can't increase battery life, it just reports current battery level.

    Poorly written apps will drain the battery. I'm sure this app is OK, but other apps not so much.
    You did not understand my post.
    I did NOT say: "My battery life increased BECAUSE I installed Battery Level".
    I did say: "My battery life increased AND I installed Battery Level".
    That is a huge difference.
    And no, I'm not the developer of the app.
    11-16-2012 03:28 AM
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    I know this is an old thread, but I didn't want to start a new Battery Level thread.

    As of a couple of weeks ago, I was getting really good battery life. I would have the phone off the charger for 10-12 hours and still have 75% battery life left after regular use throughout the day. This week my battery life has been dropping much faster with less use. At this moment my phone has been off the charger for about 4 hours and has already dropped to 88%. The only thing that has changed on my phone is the Battery Level app. There was an update to the app a few days back. Ever since then, I have noticed this decrease in battery life.

    Has anyone else seen this? I am thinking about uninstalling it to see how it does. I got the app for free shortly after I got my phone (Nov. 9th). I now see that they are charging $.99 for the app. If I uninstall it, can I get it back for free?
    12-14-2012 11:20 AM
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