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    Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my experiences with the Lumia 920 and the dust issues. I had gone through three phones all had issues:
    1st Matte black: this was the best one out of the box: clear screen, clear front camera, clear rear camera. By day three the front camera had about 4 or 5 specs of dust. The rear camera and the screen were fine however. Went back to the store to get it replaced.
    2nd Matte black: dust in the rear camera and dust under the screen, clear front camera. The dust under the screen was at a very noticeable area, the dust in the rear camera didn't seem to affect the photos. Went back to the store to get it replaced as well. I didn't have much time with it so am not sure if it would have eventually gotten dust in the front camera.
    3rd Matte black: Clear front camera, clear rear camera, dust under the screen. I'm keeping this one as I'm tired of exchanging.

    Summary: all 3 had dust issues. :dry
    11-15-2012 06:23 PM
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    I have the same issue with my Lumia 920's front facing lens. After only 6 days out of the box, there are already serious amount of dust in beneath the glass of the front facing camera. I haven't put the phone through any vigorous environment, like rugged outdoors or anything. Most of the time, it's been sitting in my pocket. I hope it's just a bad sample and not a design flaw since I really want Nokia to succeed with this phone. But at the rate of how dust is accumulating, I probably won't be able to use the front camera in several months from now. I hope Nokia is aware of this and fixing the problem.
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    11-18-2012 02:23 AM