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    hey all...first post here...

    so i played around with the 920 at the new microsoft store in yorkdale mall today, and i have to say i'm sold...i've been off-contract with rogers and have been looking for an upgrade for over a year now (and it's pretty shameful to even tell you what phone i'm using now) so i'm pretty picky about which phone i want next and it was similar with the 920...first thing was the weight, and after being able to hold one without the security cable attached, i think the weight issue is completely overblown...the second thing was only having black available, but while playing around with the phone the colour became pretty much a non-issue and i think i'd rather have the phone asap in black instead of waiting a couple months for the other colours to show up (if at all)...

    anyway i think i'm set on purchasing this, but i have a couple more questions to ask first before plunging and i hope you'll be able to help out...please bear with me as the last smartphone i owned was the nokia n95 so i'm not exactly well-versed when it comes to the smartphones of today...here goes...

    1. does nokia music work in canada, or will it work eventually in canada?
    2. i'm considering a 1-yr subscription to xbox music - am i right in assuming this takes up data? for those who have xbox music, how are you liking it so far? how is the artist/music selection?
    3. i'm planning on purchasing a surface pro when it hits and installing itunes and uploading all my music there...is it easy and convenient to transfer songs from itunes onto the 920?
    4. the plan i'm going with on rogers includes 3BG sharable data...will i be able to tether from the 920 to the surface pro?
    5. at the store, i was downloading certain apps and putting them as live tiles on the start screen...but i noticed a couple of them weren't really updating the tiles at all, and were just stuck as the tile logo..i'm specifically talking about espn and cnn...i thought these were actually "live" tiles that updated every few minutes or so? i even tried changing the tile sizes and nothing was happening...
    6. am i able to take a photo and have it as my lock screen picture?
    7. i have two email accounts, hotmail and gmail....will i be able to have both accounts on my 920 as separate live tiles?
    8. about skydrive...my current pc uses office 2003 so will i be able to type up documents and put them on skydrive, and have them appear on my 920 as is? and will i be able to access those documents on my surface pro when i buy it next year?
    9. i also have several photos on my current pc that i'd like to transfer over to my 920 (taken with a digital camera)...is this possible? if so, will the picture quality be compromised?

    i probably have more questions, but these are all i have for now....thanks for any help!!
    11-16-2012 11:33 PM

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