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    Hey Guys,

    Just ditched my HTC One X for a Lumia 920 and i'm loving it so far! Everything is super smooth and I love the live tiles. I have a couple of questions...in regards to high screen sensitivity do you think it takes more battery power to activate it? Most of the time I do not wear gloves so its not an issue for me....but I was thinking about how the phone must use more power to activate the ability. Yesterday I ran out of power about 3/4 way of the day...so I turned off NFC and blocked Nokia Drive from running in the background. Going to see how it is today. I also heard that it'll take a few full charges to get to full battery capacity. Groupon also seems to take a good amount of power...not 100% sure but I just activated it and my battery drained 4% in about 30 mins.

    My other question is in regards to the camera. Although I love how good the pictures are (especially in low light)...the autofocus seems to take a while. On the One X, the camera focuses fast and then it snaps as many pics as you want really quick. One the lumia it seems like the autofocus takes a while and everytime you want to take a pic, it trys to reautofocus first. Also in clear daylight it seems like the pics are a bit blueish. Seems like if you use the light focus feature, there is less blue.
    11-17-2012 08:42 AM

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