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    Until now I used Navigon Europe on my iPhone 4s to navigate me throughout Germany and Switzerland. I liked it as it showed me almost always the way and it looks just perfect.
    Today I gave Nokia Drive (Beta) a try! And what should I say: well done Nokia!

    Nokia Drive (Beta) is not as fancy as the Navigon software but it has everything that is needed! Here are my pros and cons of my Nokia Drive/Lumia 920 combo:

    Wiesbaden to Frankfurt (80% Autobahn, 20% city), 30 minutes
    Frankfurt (100% city), 20 minutes
    Frankfurt to Koenigstein (60% Autobahn, 20% country roads, 20% town), 25 minutes

    + clear and logical structured
    + GPS signal is pretty fast (less than 5 sec)
    + stable GPS signal, even in downtown Frankfurt around all the skyscrapers
    + automated zooming in at areas of high attention (e.g. junctions within cities) and while lowering travel speed
    + battery consumption is just fine: 13% for a 30 minute ride
    + warming is alright
    During my first use today I couldnt say anything really bad about it. Ok, I was a little bit disappointed about the look in the first place.

    First of all, I did find all targets without any problem! Deliberately, I selected some routes to and within Frankfurt city (Germany). In contrast to my Lumia 920 using the beta of Nokia Drive, the Navigon software in combination with the iPhone 4s did not a good job as the GPS signal wasnt stable. Furthermore, the battery consumption of the Lumia 920 was lower.
    From my point of view, the two systems are different but equal with respect to their ability to navigate safely to the desired target. The big difference is the price, though. Nokia Drive is for free and Navigon costs 84,99 Euro for Windows Phone 8!
    PS: I missed traffic live for a reason. Cant say anything about it!
    11-17-2012 08:55 AM

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